How do you track a package from China?

Tracking their Chinese parcel to Russia isn't hard. To do this, you need to know the tracking number of the shipment. But sometimes parcels get lost. Or there's a conflict with the seller. Let's consider in detail the issues related to tracking shipments from China.

What do you need to know about the postal service

There are two groups of postal shipments in China. This has to be taken into account, with tracking parcels by track code and no tracking. When placing an order, pay attention to how the seller positions them. You only need to register international parcels. The parcels are accompanied by the tracking number of several kinds:

  • Small packages are encrypted with the form R---CN (RA123456785CN). You can track your mailing at every step, up to and including delivery to the recipient.
  • Normal parcels have a C---CN (CD123456785CN). Tracking sites show where the parcel is when it left the distribution point. There is a note about delivery to the addressee.
  • The code without letters type 0123456789 is for shipments within China. The tracking service will only show the time you send and receive - no information on the movement of the postal consignment at the points of cargo handling.

Mainly Chinese sellers use the China Post operator. Sorting points are in Beijing, Shanghai, and other major cities.

When ordering from China, please check when your package will be shipped. Does the time of purchase not coincide with national holidays, which sometimes last longer than a week. Be sure to ask the seller for the tracking code of the parcel, date of departure, point of departure, name of the delivery service. Make a note of the seller's details. All this information will help to find out where the parcel is located, to resolve a conflict situation if it occurs.

How to track a parcel in China and your country

Parcels tracking in China is fixed by the Chinese Post service on the official website All in Chinese. If you know how to use Google translator, there will be no problems with data entry. Do not translate the page completely in your browser, because you will not be able to enter the CAPTCHA. Apart from the Cappa, the service has recently required an additional code, which the vendor does not give.

You can overcome all these difficulties with Chinese using our website. Just enter the tracking code in the parcel search form on the site, and you will see the current status and location of the parcel.

Our service stores the information you need to search for your parcel in case of delays. Without this information, it is difficult to resolve a dispute with the seller in your favor. Keep a log of the movement of the parcel and information about the parcel until you hold the ordered goods in your hands.