How do I track a parcel by tracking number?

If you have a tracking number, it's easy to track the package. Our service identifies the postal service, country of registration, and displays the information in a convenient language for the user. But sometimes there are situations when the tracking code is not enough. Let's analyze the nuances of parcel tracking together.

Which parcels can be tracked

Not all mailings can be tracked. Simple small parcels, letters, postcards can be sent without a receipt. Mail does not assign a code to them, and they cannot be traced.

Registered parcels are accompanied by a tracking number - an individual code. In S10 standard the cipher has a form including:

  • Letter designation of the parcel type. Up to 2 kg is assigned a liter R, from 2 to 20 - C. E is put on parcels weighing more than 20 kg.
  • Latin letters A to Z and a combination of 9 digits for unique code.
  • The last two letters are used to determine the country from which the parcel is to be sent.

Let's consider the cipher for an example: With X123456789 CN. This code is bound to a parcel weighing from 2 to 20 kg, which follows from China.

Any mailing with a tracking code can be tracked. The code is received by the sender at the postal service when the parcel is processed.

When you buy an item at an online store, you will receive information about the order number. Do not confuse the order code with the tracking number of the parcel. Seller will be able to provide you with the postal code only after the parcel is processed by the carrier.

How to find the parcel

Any postal service has an official website where you can track your mail. At the same time, the parcel of another carrier on such a site can not be tracked.

There are other inconvenient things associated with tracking a parcel through the official service. Chinese mail requires a captcha, and it is difficult to determine without knowledge of the language. It may be necessary to enter additional information that the sender has not given.

Fortunately, there is a convenient service that allows you to find out information about the parcel easily. Our service tracks the movement of goods by different carriers. The Postal Information Aggregator determines the seller's country of origin, monitors the movement of the parcel, and alerts the registered user about an emergency situation of parcel tracking.

It is possible that a parcel has only the waybill number. This means that the delivery of the goods is handled by a third-party transport company. How to track a parcel in this case?

When sent by the carrier, the seller provides the code of the waybill and the address of the site delivery service. If you can't find the parcel using aggregators, ask the seller for the address of the carrier's website. The transport company's website will contain more information. For example, when a parcel arrives at the border, it is handed over to the carrier of the country of destination. In this case, the parcel can be tracked on the website of the delivery service.

What information about the parcel to store

To search for a parcel, a tracking number is most often enough. In non-standard situations, other information will be required:

  • Seller information, order number in the online store;
  • Date of shipment, carrier name, parcel track number or the code on the waybill;
  • Parcel movement logistics. At which points and when the parcel was registered, on what day it crossed the border and other information. If you use our parcel tracking service, you can easily get this information;
  • The recipient's address. Check the information you provided when you made your purchase.

Keep the tracking number and information until you receive the parcel, or use our parcel tracking service, which tracks the parcel itself. This way, you can quickly find the parcel or resolve disputes with the seller in your favor.