Aliexpress - tracking packages and shipments

Keep track of Aliexpress parcels and shipments with our free service! All you need to do to track your parcel is enter the tracking number, and then the service will know its location in real time.

How do I track my Aliexpress parcel with

  1. Find out the tracking number of your parcel;
  2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the field at the top of the page;
  3. Wait until the service checks the parcel data, it will not take long;
  4. Look at the search results and share them with your friends on social networks;
  5. If you enter your email address, we can send you changes in the status of your parcel automatically without your participation.

Tracking your package from AliExpress

The seller is going to package your product for transportation is going to hand it over to a postal company. The company that they choose as a courier to deliver your product depends solely on the method selected before payment.

If you chose the free delivery option, then it is usually delivered by China Post small packet, the AliExpress standard shipping option. When is your product is sent to the postal service, it's going to be assigned an alphanumeric or numeric tracking number.

So, to track your AliExpress products, you're going to need to keep hold of a tracking number on the order page.

Tracking Number Format

You can use our services to track the number by inputting your tracking information into our form and clicking all the track parcel option. This will give you the latest information about the transportation of your product from AliExpress.

Please note that the AliExpress order number and tracking numbers are different paid you cannot track your product through the order number. Tracking numbers will commonly look like the following: YT72760621444007800, 460230324276, ZA247945542HK, or RY505557973CN, among others.

To track the order from AliExpress, you will need to go to the Alex Press website and go to your Order section. You can further five details about your product, such as the status and current location.

The tracking number can have up to 40 numbers it has a specific number rule that is the following: (# -> Letter, * -> Digit, ! -> Letter Or Digit).

What is AliExpress?

Most likely, you have heard of companies such as eBay and Amazon, and probably the Chinese company Alibaba. However, have you heard about AliExpress? Online shopping has continued to grow more and more as consumers are looking to find more comfortable and faster ways of obtaining new products at lower prices.

This has led to an increase in foreign e-commerce as people are looking beyond their country's brick-and-mortar shops an online store so they can find a great bargain. China has become the world's Factory, is so the website AliExpress has been able to help consumers buy directly from Source at desirable prices.

History of AliExpress

AliExpress was launched by the Alibaba group back in 2010 as a B2C (business-to-consumer) platform for Chinese companies to be able to sell their products to foreign customers. The Alibaba group has been ready to dominate the Chinese domestic B2C Market with its other offerings such as Taobao.

The Alibaba group is well known for its B2B (business-to-business) platform, It was able to achieve worldwide recognition when they were able to launch their largest-ever IPO back in 2014.

How Does AliExpress Work?

AliExpress is your primary e-commerce platform. It's going to allow Chinese customers and individual sellers to post their products online and be able to sell their inventory to foreign customers directly.

AliExpress works similarly to eBay, in the fact that AliExpress is open to both larger companies and individuals. AliExpress is a bit different from Amazon though because it acts only as an e-commerce platform and doesn't sell the products directly to Consumers.

An interesting fact about this company is that they do not allow customers in mainland China to buy from this platform. They don't allow non-Chinese companies and individuals to open stores on this e-commerce platform.

Who can Sell on AliExpress

All of the sellers on AliExpress are located in mainland China inner is issued a store number by the company. However, unlike their parent company Alibaba, there isn't much available information about the stores and how they were verified to sell the products.

AliExpress has been able to implement a store rating system to ease the worry about customers buying from a reputable seller. Customer service isn't their strong suit as well.

Customers who are looking into Aliexpress may not expect refunds and humble apologies when their order doesn't come through properly. This is just to the buyers beware that when they are buying from this company, they are looking at the reviews to ensure this is the product that they want.

AliExpress urges that their customers only make payments to sellers through their e-commerce site so they can offer a degree of some customer protection. Refunds can be applied for, but some companies are a bit of a hit or miss in this regard.

What do you Buy from AliExpress?

When people are looking towards Chinese companies for items, they are usually looking at excellent products at a bargain. These items could be clothing, electronics, and accessories; however, there are so many other products manufactured in China.

You're able to get a wholesale price from the company itself rather than waiting to buy it in any other foreign company. As you may expect of a B2C platform, most consumer products are going to be the book of the items that are going to be sold.

How safe is it to buy from AliExpress?

AliExpress has grown to become one of the world's largest online stores.

However, to be very clear, AliExpress is not a physical online store, it is a platform that helps millions of companies and individual sellers connect to their consumers. So, AliExpress does take some critical control over how sellers are following the rules to protect the consumers.

AliExpress is intolerable to vendors who do not follow the rules and as a punishment, they close their e-commerce stores and ban them from the platform.

Looking for Trustworthy Sellers

Like we have stated before, AliExpress is an e-commerce site that is going to connect the seller to he buyer. The seller is fully responsible for sending their product to the consumer correctly.

So, the consumer must find a reliable seller that is going to fulfill their product description. The best way to do this is by going through the checklist below:

  • Check the seller feedback or seller score. This is going to be found at the top of the page. They're either awarded a medal for good reputation, a diamond for an outstanding reputation, or a crown for an excellent reputation.
  • You also want to see how they communicate with customers during shipment and the shipping speed as well.
  • The other aspect to look into when reviewing a seller is reviewing the ratings and comments posted by other consumers. This will give you a good sense on the quality of the product, and whether or not the buyers were satisfied with this particular seller. Additionally, if there are plenty of positive customer ratings, you can be a bit more positive that you are dealing with a very trustworthy seller.
  • If there are any doubts about buying from a particular seller, what you can do is directly contact them to ask some questions. You can ask them if the product is going to be sent at a specified time. Or, have the seller send a picture of the original product to the consumer so they can make a final decision.

Finding a reliable seller on AliExpress is pretty easy once you know what to look for.

Replicas all around

When dealing with online shopping, there is a chance that you're going to have to distinguish a product that is a replica of the original. It could be harder on an e-commerce site because the replicas can be very well-made, especially since a lot of products are made in China.

To determine if the product is the original, try looking at the price. The cost of the original is going to usually be similar to the amount that you'll find in the official store.

Replicas are generally a lot cheaper than their brand products. Another way to determine if you are dealing with an original product is to look at the description of the product. When the seller has listed that the product is an original, they usually have to follow through with this claim and send you the genuine product.

Another safety net is whether or not there is a genuine guarantee badge in the product description as well.

Making a purchase

When you decide to buy our product, rest assured that AliExpress protects you if anything amiss goes with your order. AliExpress holds the money that you have paid to the seller until you get the product and are satisfied with it. Here we are going to list the ways that you were able to pay on AliExpress.

  • Escrow or AliPay - this method is pretty similar to PayPal and has little to no risk to the buyer.
  • Card - Even when using a car at Express will still use the escrow system so a third party will handle the money before heading over to the seller.
  • Bank transfer - this is a little less commonly used in the payment method. There is still some risk to the buyer.
  • The other conventional methods of payment at Express can accept are wet money, Yandex.Money, Western Union, QIWI, MercadoPago, DOKU, Ticket, and American Express.


All right, so now that you have put in your payment information, the hardest part is waiting for your product to be shipped to your home. So, how long will you have to wait for your order to arrive?

There is not one single answer for this because this all depends on the shipping option, the final destination, and the speed of the seller to get the product out for delivery.

However, the timer protection of the order to be delivered in 60 days as required by AliExpress for customer satisfaction.

Aliexpress - information about online store

AliExpress is an online retail service based in China that is owned by the Alibaba Group. Introduced in 2010, it is comprised of small companies in China and other locations, such as Singapore, that provide items to international online buyers. It is the most checked out e-commerce site in Russia and was the 10th most popular site in Brazil. It helps with small companies to offer to clients all over the world. AliExpress has actually drawn contrast to eBay, as sellers are independent and utilize the platform to offer items to buyers.

AliExpress is currently offered in the languages English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian. AliExpress is typically used by e-commerce shops that utilize a dropship organisation model.

AliExpress is various from Amazon since it acts just as an e-commerce platform and does not sell products straight to customers. AliExpress differs from fellow Alibaba-subsidiary Taobao in that AliExpress is mostly intended at worldwide purchasers.

AliExpress does not permit consumers in mainland China to buy from the platform, though most sellers are Chinese themselves. The website uses a popular affiliate marketing program where partners are rewarded for sending out visitors to the website with a commission on sales.