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DPD - information about carrier

DPDgroup is a global parcel delivery service for sorter compatible parcels weighing under 30 kg that provides 5.3 million parcels worldwide every day. Its brand names are DPD, Chronopost, Seur and BRT. The business is based in France and operates primarily in the express road-based market.

DPDgroup services are available in Europe, Asia, South Africa, India, Brazil and a number of other countries in the world, either directly or through partnerships.

DPDgroup is owned by La Poste, the international shipment network operated by the French state-owned postal service.

In 2019, DPDgroup delivered 1.3 billion parcels around the world and accomplished earnings of 7.8 billion.


Before DPDgroup: the development of an express transport network within Le Groupe La Poste.

In the 1980s, Le Groupe La Poste stemmed its express transportation activities with the production of Chronopost in 1985.

In 1999, Le Groupe La Poste produced GeoPost to consolidate its express transport and parcel shipment organisations. In the 2000s, GeoPost performed a series of acquisitions worrying transport operators in different European markets.

GeoPost bought the UK-based Parceline and Ireland's Interlink parcel service in November 2000, for around $277 million. In 2008 it was rebranded as Dynamic Parcel Distribution.

In 2001, GeoPost ended up being the main shareholder of DPD, a company developed in 1977 in Aschaffenburg, West Germany (Deutscher Paketdienst till January 2008, then Dynamic Parcel Distribution). In the very same year, GeoPost got the British company Parceline which was rebranded DPD in March 2008.

GeoPost then made succeeding acquisitions:

  • In 2004, 40% of Seur Internacional, the number 1 private operator in Spain
  • In 2006, Exapaq (now DPD France)
  • In 2009, Pickup Services, a business concentrated on managing drop-off and pick-up points
  • In 2011, 75% of DPD Laser in South Africa and 35% of Lenton in Hong Kong
  • In 2013, 40% of DTDC, the second-largest parcel delivery network in India
  • In 2014, Siodemka, the leading operator in the Polish market
  • 2015: the development of DPDgroup

In 2015, GeoPost combined its DPD, Chronopost and Seur brand names under one umbrella: DPDgroup. On this event, Exapaq became DPD France and the logo design of Chronopost was customized to reveal it was part of DPDgroup.

In 2016, DPDgroup increased its equity investments within the DPD network - including taking 100% control of DPD in Germany - and obtained a 60% stake in JadLog (a Brazilian company).

In 2017, DPDgroup increased its stake in the Seur network to 87%, completed the acquisition of Stuart (a French company) and took a 37.5% stake in BRT (an Italian business).

In 2018, the stake in the SEUR network was increased to 94% and DPDgroup obtained a minority stake in Ninja Van, a professional in the last mile in South-East Asia.

In 2019, DPDgroup becomes the major investor in BRT by increasing its share in the capital to 85% and got a bulk stake in Lenton, the Asian-based cross-border provider.

DPDgroup operates in the light-weight parcel delivery market (less than 31.5 kg), which is typically referred to as the "CEP" market (carrier, express and parcel). The CEP market differs from courier services (that do not require an arranging center) and from freight (that needs several people or devices to manage the parcels).

DPDgroup operates in the various sub-segments of the CEP market, which are defined according to the following criteria:

  • delivery time: DPDgroup runs in the standard or deferred parcel sector (without ensured delivery times, which varies from 24 to 72 hours depending on the location) and in the express parcel segment (guaranteed next-day delivery in the domestic market, and next-day to two-day delivery for worldwide).
  • geographical protection: DPDgroup is focused on domestic shipments in the markets in which it is present (across the country delivery), and in intra-European shipments. It is likewise expanding in the global market.
  • nature of the sender and recipient: DPDgroup covers parcel circulations between companies (BtoB), in between consumers (CtoC), from company to customer (BtoC) and from customer to company (CtoB).

DPDgroup primarily runs in Europe, with a direct existence in 23 countries:

  • under the DPD brand (in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, France, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Romania).
  • under the Chronopost brand name (in France).
  • under the Seur brand name (in Spain).
  • under the BRT brand name (Italy) where a global heavy delivery service is likewise used.

The business also runs through stakes in business (especially Speedy in Bulgaria) or commercial partnerships in other European countries (particularly with Nova Poshta in Ukraine and with PostNord in the Nordic countries).

Outside of Europe, DPDgroup operates:

  • in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia (under the DPD brand)
  • in Brazil (60% in Jadlog)
  • in India (43% in DTDC)
  • in Turkey (25% in Yurtici Kargo)
  • in South-East Asia (65% in Lenton, and 32.6 % in Ninja Van)
  • in Morocco, Burkina Faso and Mauritius (under the Chronopost brand)
  • in Egypt (20% in Bosta)
  • in South Africa (under DPD Laser)

Finally, concerning international import and export circulations, DPDgroup is positioning itself in the freight forwarding market through its Tigers subsidiary (72% owned), a global freight forwarder that operates in Asia (China), in Australia, in the United States and in Europe.