All About Wish

Have you ever been browsing through your newsfeed on social media and all of a sudden - there it is? Multiple advertisements for random items on Wish.

We can say one thing, Wish keeps it interesting. From baby, animal and adult items to- well- whatever that thing is- Wish has it all.

Now, if you have never ordered on Wish before, you may wonder what they are all about. They have seemingly low prices on a wide range of items, but what gives?

Where Did You Come From, Wish?

Wish is an e-commerce platform originally founded in 2010 by Peter Szulczweski and Danny Zhang. This platform allows sellers to upload their items and directly distribute them to sellers.

But how was this thought up? Originally, Wish was created to be an app used for actually created wish lists of items you wanted. Then, Wish would reach out directly to various merchants for product orders.

You may have heard of Pay-Per-Click, which does exactly what the name suggests. Each time you give in to the little voice in your head wanting more information, you are putting money in the pocket of the advertiser.

This is how Wish gained traction when advertising on the Facebook platform. Give someone a mysterious ad or eye-catching item and you are bound to get a series of clicks!

Wish spent over $500 million advertising on Facebook alone, so all of those Wish ads you see are very well funded- and apparently very profitable.

In 2013, Wish officially became an e-commerce site when merchants finally began selling and advertising their products directly on the Wish app. Wish only has merchants, they do not have any branded goods themselves.

This transformed Wish for a list of your most desired goods to a ton randomized items you didn't even think of wanting!

It seems they are doing quite well considering they are the 6th largest e-commerce company in the entire world.

And they are probably going to keep climbing considering the fact they are growing so fast.

How Does it Work Exactly?

Wish markets themselves as an affordable mobile shopping app. They claim to have millions of items, all ranging from 60%-90% of market pricing.

And that is true! We can't argue the attention-grabbing prices.

Has this ever made you think it's too good to be true? In a world of scams, it's easy to wonder if it is legit. But with their 4.5-star rating, someone must be happy with the service, right?

So, here is how Wish says they make it so price friendly.

  • No retailers
  • Chinese Merchandise
  • Transaction directly between buyer and seller

When they give a direct connection between the buyer and seller, cutting out the middleman. Having no retail is a favor for your pocketbook. It seems pretty simple.

Not only are they cutting out the center, but most of the sellers also seem to come from Chinese markets where costs and labor are significantly lower.

While the cost is very appealing, the shipping is slower. It also has less quality-control which means you will get what you pay for.

Since a lot of the stuff is not available in the United States, you may not be getting the brands you think. Wish has been known for selling knock-offs of major brands.

Of course, that just helps you save money as well, but it is a gamble when you consider quality.

Most Wish customers don't seem to be too hung up on that.

They were reported to have over 100 million users on Android and iOS.

In recent years, Wish also added Wish Outlet and Wish Express to their services. Wish Outlet sells more high-quality, discounted items. Wish Express gives you faster shipping.

What Does Wish Sell?

When someone says Wish sells it all, it's really not that far of a stretch.

We have all seen the ads on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms pop-up on our screen. Ads showing us everything from doggy diapers to fashion accessories.

Do they have a target audience? Yes, you!

You can order electronics, fashion accessories, clothing, pet supplies, baby things. Also, you can browse through their lists of, "What the heck is that?" You'll probably end up with a virtual shopping cart of randomness by the time all is said and done.

Primarily, Wish categories consist of:

  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Household Products
  • Toys
  • Miscellaneous Goods

There is no shortage of supply and no rhyme or reason to what you can find.

One thing is for sure, they definitely keep it interesting.

It is to be expected that you must be a little careful. Buyers have complained about getting items that weren't what they ordered, are in the wrong size, or were not quite as the picture showed.

Since the middleman is no more, the prices are awesome, but more mistakes can happen as well.

What About the Company Side of Things?

At an astonishing $8.4 billion, it is said that Wish is worth more than some major brands combined. It has done incredibly well.

In the seven years since it was founded, it has done quite well. But nothing beats the fact that within 6 months, the company value doubled. And there are no signs so far of it slowing down.

Who invests in Wish? Probably more companies than you think.

  • Yahoo
  • Spotify
  • Groupon
  • DST Global
  • Cherubic Ventures

But there are tons of other investors as well.

It is also known that Alibaba and Amazon have both dealt their deals. This is no surprise since it was speculated that Wish could rise above these companies- and soon!

When asked if they could buy Wish, the answer was a solid no. There is no cracking on giving this company up just yet for the CEO.

It doesn't seem Peter Szulczweski wants to give up his golden goose anytime soon.

How Do They Ship Goods?

How about shipping? Worldwide, Wish ships to over 100 countries. Pretty impressive!

When it comes to package tracking, they have a few ways this is done, depending on what is shipped from where.

They have both full and limited tracking. Full tracking is where you can track your package from start to finish. Limited tracking is where you can see the process only until it ships out from China.

Partial package tracking typically starts with UD…CN or UG…CN and has a total of 11 digits.

Full tracking from Wish Post tracking have their number in the format R…CN or L…CN.

When you are ordering, you will see what you bought change to "Sent." This means it was assigned tracking information and is being sent out to you.

They have two methods of shipment:

  • Wish Post Registered
  • Wish Post Unregistered

Wish Post Registered means it is shipped with China Post Registered Airmail. It is traceable throughout the transition.

Wish Post Unregistered means it is shipped with China Post Ordinary Small Packet and has limited tracking. It is cheaper but is only trackable while the order is in China.

So since they ship from China and are sometimes not fully trackable, when do they arrive?

They generally arrive within 15-30 days. However, this can vary. With certain items, they can take up to a whopping 45 days to get to you.

With something that isn't so urgent, this timeline may be fine for you. If not, there are faster methods of shipping. Of course, there is a higher cost involved. But with today's market, paying extra for faster shipping is something we are all used to.

They do have the option to report a lost parcel but it is only if you are within your protection period. So, make sure to keep an eye on when you ordered!

Wish, Keep Granting Wishes

It is pretty clear from the fast rate Wish is growing, it is only going to keep up the pace.

Wish may have its fair share of complaints against the company for things like quality, shipping, and other grumbles. None of that doesn't seem to be slowing it down.

These things seem small in comparison to how successful the platform is doing. With their price and variety, which speak for themselves, it seems to outweigh the bad.

We all know that even the most successful companies we know and love have negative reviews sometimes. This is normal.

They may likely overtake competitors and be number 1 in the world of e-commerce all the way around the board.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see!