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Canada Post tracking packages and shipments

Keep track of Canada Post parcels and shipments with our free service! All you need to do to track your parcel, is to enter the tracking number, and then the service will keep track of your parcel’s location in real time.

How do I track my Canada Post parcel with

  1. Find out the tracking number of your parcel;
  2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the field at the top of the page;
  3. Wait until the service checks the parcel data, it will not take long;
  4. View the search results and share them with your friends via social networking;
  5. If you enter your email address, we can notify you automatically of changes to the status of your parcel.

Canada Post - Tracking number format

  • A# *** *** *** CA
  • C# *** *** *** CA
  • E# *** *** *** CA
  • G# *** *** *** CA
  • H# *** *** *** CA
  • L# *** *** *** CA
  • M# *** *** *** CA
  • P# *** *** *** CA
  • R# *** *** *** CA
  • S# *** *** *** CA
  • T# *** *** *** CA
  • V# *** *** *** CA
  • *** *** *** *** *** *

# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

Canada Post services: Priority, Xpresspost, Flat rate box, Regular Parcel

Canada Post provides several delivery services, which can be found online or in the Canada Post catalogue. These include:

  • Priority for urgent deliveries with guaranteed arrival within two days;
  • Xpresspost for shipments arriving within one to two business days;
  • Flat rate box shipping, where there is a fixed price regardless of weight up to 30 kgs (66 pounds);
  • Regular Parcel Shipping providing service from three weeks and six months at rates set by zones. 

The minimum order on these last two types is $25 including postage fees.

Shipments are usually delivered Monday through Friday and cannot be sent outside North America during winter due to climate conditions. All options require an appropriate residential address as well as complete contact information so that your parcels may be successfully sorted.

Canada Post domestic delivery services

Depending on the Canada Post domestic parcel delivery service used, your package could take 1 to 13 business days to arrive. Canada post has four domestic delivery service options to choose from.

Packages delivered using Regular Parcel delivery can take 2 to 13 business days to arrive while packages delivered using Canada Post’s Expedited Parcel delivery can take 1 to 13 business days to arrive.

Expedited Parcel delivery is only available to business customers.

The Xpresspost delivery and Priority delivery service options are Canada Post’s two fastest delivery services. Packages delivered with Xpresspost delivery or Priority delivery should be delivered within 7 business days.

Xpresspost packages can be delivered as quickly as 1 to 2 days if you live in a major centre. If you live in a more remote area, your packages delivered with Xpresspost Parcel delivery can take up to 7 business days.

Canada Post International delivery services

Canada Post has six international delivery service options to choose from. The Light Packet delivery service option is available if your package or parcel weighs 500 grams or less as has a maximum dimension of 380 millimeters X 270 millimeters X 20 millimeters.

Packages delivered using the Light Package delivery service do not have a delivery time guarantee, and you cannot trace or investigate your package if it is lost or arrives slowly.

The Small Packet delivery service is for packages that weigh no more than 1 kilogram for packages delivered to the United States of America (USA) or 2 kilograms for packages delivered to other international countries. Packages delivered using Small Packet delivery also cannot be traced or investigated if they are lost and arrive late. Air and surface delivery are both available with this delivery service option.

The Xpresspost-USA and International delivery service has a maximum package weight of 30 kilograms for packages delivered to the USA and 20-30 kilograms for packages delivered to other countries depending on the country you are delivery the parcel to.

The International Parcel delivery service option has air and surface delivery available. You are not guaranteed on time delivery with this delivery service option.

The Priority Worldwide and the Expedited Parcel USA delivery service options are Canada Post’s two fastest international delivery services. Packages delivered with Priority Worldwide delivers in 24 hours to the USA, and packages delivered to other countries should arrive in 2 to 3 business days.

Packages delivered with Priority Worldwide can be tracked and traced should they become lost or arrive late. Expedited Parcel USA delivery costs less than the standard international shipping rates, and packages delivered with this service are handed off to the USPS (United States Postal Service) to be delivered as USPS Priority Mail.

Canada Post Delivery Notice Tracking

Canada Post Delivery Notice Tracking is a service that lets customers know where their orders are. It tells them when the order was accepted when it was shipped, and other information like the weight of the package. With this notice, Canadians will be able to know when their packages are delivered as well as where they were left if it was left at a safe location such as an apartment building or office lobby. 

This delivery notification system includes updates on package status changes including:

  • scanned in,
  • out for delivery,
  • attempted but not accepted (no one home),
  • returned to sender due to incomplete address information provided and more! 

If you're looking for a way to track your shipments and know what is happening while they are in transit then try!

Xpresspost tracking

Xpresspost is Canada Post's most expeditious service. Xpresspost items are guaranteed next-day delivery and will arrive by noon the day after we ship them if sent to an urban address, or may take up to two days for rural addresses. Please make sure your shipping information includes a street address (not a PO Box) during checkout as this is where our carrier delivers all packages on behalf of Canada Post.

Packages can only be delivered during regular business hours (Monday through Friday). If you are not home at that time or do not have access to a safe place in which to leave the parcel while away - please consider using another shipping option.

Xpresspost USA tracking

Canada Post recently partnered with the US company, FedEx to provide an Xpresspost USA service. The shipments are delivered in two business days and require a customs declaration form before delivery. 

You can to find all of our XpressPost Canada packages in transit through the United States! We'll update this page throughout each day as we get new updates about shipping times and services provided, but please note that not every package will be available to view due to border crossings being made.

Xpresspost USA delivery time and shipping speed

Canada Post's Xpresspost service is the next best option if you need speed. The shipping time of packages shipped via this method is usually between one and three days. Another benefit of Canada Post’s ExpressPost options is that they provide an online tracking system for use from anywhere in the world, which makes it a lot easier to keep track of when your shipment should arrive.

The last delivery option available through Canada Post is their Priority Courier Service (PCL). This product has been designed as a less expensive alternative to using FedEx or UPS products while still providing excellent customer satisfaction rates at 97%. PCL provides many benefits such as:

  • lower prices than other providers on some items;
  • no minimum order size;
  • deliveries can be scheduled as often on every day;
  • usually takes one to five business days.

An important thing for any customer, whether in Canada or outside of the country, is that all products are subject to applicable taxes and duties once they enter your country. This means that if you purchase an item from a Canadian retailer using their PCL service it may be cheaper than other courier services but there may still be additional fees depending on where you live and what kind of items you buy--in some cases, these customs charges can exceed the price savings experienced by choosing Canada Post's less expensive shipping option! To avoid this problem, make sure when ordering domestically with PCL that you input your delivery address correctly so Customs knows which government agency to bee can handle your order.

What is Safe Drop?

Safe Drop is a service offered by Canada Post which allows you to request deliveries of your packages or shipments, at any location. It can be used for residential and commercial delivery addresses. You don't need to be present to receive the package at an approved Safe Drop location such as: 

  • A neighbor's house;
  • Your business lobby;
  • An office building’s concierge desk;
  • Any other indoor reliable outdoor location with security.

There are also limitations on what you may request to be delivered through this service. These include:

  • Any package or shipment with a value over $3000;
  • Gasoline, hazardous items such as fireworks, firearms, or ammunition;
  • Packages where delivery exceeds 300 miles outside your current location;
  • Shipments containing alcohol exceeding 24% alcohol content and/or perishable food products (which will not remain refrigerated);
  • A limit on the weight of items that can be dropped off at these locations, which is currently set to 60 pounds;
  • Packages requiring special handlings such as live animals, human remains, plants including flowers, soil conditioners, and fertilizers used in agriculture.

For the list of prohibited contents and more information about Safe Drop please visit the website Canada Post.

How does Canada Post tracking works?

Canada Post Tracking works by the customer entering their tracking number on the website and clicking “Track” in order to see a map of where your package is currently located, how many parcels are being processed at that time, as well as an estimated delivery date for each parcel. 

If you can't locate your package or there's no evidence it has been scanned yet after 24 hours of processing, please contact the sender using their email address provided during checkout so they may investigate what might have happened with your shipment. If you're still unable to find any information from them that could help pinpoint its location, we recommend contacting the Canada Posts Customer Service helpline.

Canada Post Tracking can also be tracked with a tracking number on the Canada Posts website by going in "Track Your Package" and putting your package tracking number into the box provided. This will give you similar information as to when checking the map but without having to click around for it.

To find out more about how these packages are processed at Canada Post we recommend reading on our website. You will know what happens after items enter our processing facilities, where they're sorted and ready for delivery before being delivered to their final destination!

How to track Canada Post package without a tracking number?

You can still track your package using the Canada Post website if you don't have a tracking number. Click "Track Package" in their new Tracking section and enter the address of where it was sent to or from (or both). If there are no results, then the parcel hasn't been scanned yet so please come back again in 24 hours for an update. 

You will also be able to set up notification emails if you want someone else to know when it arrives at its destination (e.g., family member). All of this is free!

What happens when Canada Post loses my package?

In the event that your package has been lost, Canada Post will mail you a confirmation of the status. You can also contact them and request this information by phone or email.

Canada Post typically delivers up to 15 days after the shipping date with standard delivery times. If they are late on their estimate for delivering your parcel then it may be considered as lost in transit. The carrier is legally obligated to compensate all losses incurred from shipment delays between $100-$200 per kilogram of weight within 30-days following delivery delay notification if the notice provided before 90 days have passed since purchase date. After these time frames, there is no legal obligation on behalf of the carrier.

How long will Canada post hold a parcel?

Canada Post will hold a package for about three weeks from the date of delivery. If it has not been delivered, Canada post may be able to return it to the sender or deliver an alternative parcel within your city.

About Canada Post

Canada Post has a long and rich history. It was formed on February 16, 1981, when the Canadian government passed an Act to “establish Canada Post as a self-financed entity separate from government”. This came after years of increasing price competition with other private sector providers that were making it difficult for the Canada Postal Service (CPS) to generate revenue while still providing high-quality services at affordable prices to Canadians across the country.

The first post office opened in North America in Montreal, Quebec in 1753, followed by one near what is now Toronto two decades later. The Posts provided mail service within British North American colonies until 1867 when postal responsibility switched from Britain's General Post Office to their colonial administrations. Rural communities became serviced through "post riders" on horseback who carried the mail in pouches.

The post office was renamed "Canada Post Corporation" and is now a federal crown corporation under Canada's government. As of 2011, it has been reported that 89% of Canadians had access to home delivery by letter carrier or community mailbox which includes door-to-door service for those living at distances over 100 meters from an urban center with centralized (community) postal services. 

Today, as part of its long-term strategy focusing on growth objectives in key areas like eCommerce and Parcels & Logistics, Canada Post provides a wide range of products for personal use and business customers:

  • letters;
  • parcels;
  • direct marketing pieces including flyers and brochures;
  • financial documents;
  • etc.

Canada Post is Canada's most convenient and affordable shipping company, with access to the country’s largest network of service points. It's also one of North America’s leading providers of cargo transportation services via its ground-based fleet and air freight operations, as well as a major provider for business solutions that enable commerce across borders. The Company continues to innovate to provide Canadians with exceptional value.

Canada Post market share

Canada Post has a monopoly for postal services in Canada, so its share in the market for post services in Canada is large. Canada Post, however, is not completely without competition.

UPS, FedEx, Dynamex, and Canpar all operate within the Canadian borders.

eCommerce, which is growing in Canada each year, is currently transforming Canada Post into an organization that could become privatized in the future.

Where is Canada Post located (countries and branches)

The Canada Post headquarters are in Ottawa, Ontario, at 2701 Riverside Drive, but the company services Canadians in every province. Canada Post currently delivers mail to more than 200 countries including the United States and China.

Canada Post does not seem to have branches in other countries. Instead, it partners with the official postal services of other countries like USPS and China Post to deliver mail internationally. Canada Post also works with other courier companies like FedEx to deliver mail to their customers both domestically and internationally.


Canada Post - Parcel tracking statuses

Item accepted
Business temporarily closed; item on hold
Final Notice; Item will be returned to sender if not collected within 10 days
Item cannot be delivered; more details to be provided
Duty and taxes paid online
Item being returned rescheduled for delivery next business day.
Arrived at Shenzhen sorting center
Item has arrived in Canada and will be presented for review
Delivered to recipient\'s side door
Item arrived
Item on hold
Return item accepted at Post Office
Préférence de livraison - Livrer au bureau de poste
Delivered to community mailbox or parcel locker
Handed over to the carrier for transportation
International item released from Customs for processing by Canada Post
Item has arrived in foreign country
Sorti pour livraison
International item is in transit to the delivery office
Item has been returned and is enroute to the Sender
Delivered to community mailbox, parcel locker or apt./condo mailbox
Delivered to recipient\'s front door
Item being returned to sender. Incomplete address
Item being returned to sender. Incomplete address.
Delivery may be delayed due to transportation delay
Delivery preference - Front desk or superintendent
Return label created
International item is in transit to the delivery office.
International item has arrived at transit destination
Item processed
Item held by Customs.
Arrive at the delivery center
Sent to Guangzhou, Guangdong international sorting center
Item arrived in Canada damaged. Sent for further processing
Item in transit
Released from customs
Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up
Article livré avec succès
Delivery preference - Front door
Send receptacle abroad (Otb)
Article traité
Item returned to Post from Customs
International item mailed in originating country
Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up
International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada
Article international en cours d\'acheminement au pays de destination
Item Dispatched
Item arrived in Canada damaged. Sent for further processing.
L\'article est arrivé au Canada et sera présenté aux fins d\'examen
Envoi retour accepté au bureau de poste
Article international traité dans le pays d\'origine
Article accepté au bureau de poste
Préférence de livraison - Garage
International item has been forwarded onwards to destination
Item in transit to Post Office
Item on hold at a secure facility. Contact Customer Service
Sent to Wuhan, Hubei international sorting center
Arrive at overseas transfer sorting center
Item has been presented to Canada Border Services Agency for customs review
Envoi ramassé par Postes Canada
Out for delivery
Article présenté à la douane pour examen
Signature image recorded for Online viewing
Item rescheduled for delivery next business day.
Article international expédié en avant à la destination
Livré à votre boîte postale, armoire à colis ou boîte aux lettres de l\'app/condo
Arrive at sorting center
Item accepted at the Post Office
Un avis a été laissé pour indiquer où et quand l\'article peut être ramassé
International item has left the origin country and is en route to Canada
Article du régime internat. sorti du pays d\'origine et en route pour le Canada
Item was unclaimed by recipient. Item being returned to sender.
Item is considered non-mailable matter. Item being returned to sender
Refused by Customs. Item being returned to sender
Signature unavailable; verbal signature.
L\'article est parti
Envoi disponible pour le ramassage
International item has transited Canada and been forwarded to destination
Item redirected to recipient's new address
Item out for Delivery
Delivery delayed to next business day
Sent to Yiwu international sorting center
Article du régime international arrivé au pays étranger
Item arrived at the Undeliverable Mail Office. Please contact Cust Service
International item being forwarded to destination country
Sent to Shenzhen international sorting center
Delivered to your community mailbox, parcel locker or apt./condo mailbox
Item presented to customs
Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up.
Electronic information submitted by shipper
Item Presented to Customs
Item re-routed due to processing error; Possible delay
The item being returned to the sender went out for delivery.
Article sorti pour livraison
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