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WINIT - tracking packages and shipments

Keep track of Winit parcels and shipments with our free service! All you need to do to track your parcel is enter the tracking number, and then the service will know its location in real time.

How do I track my Winit parcel with

  1. Find out the tracking number of your parcel;
  2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the field at the top of the page;
  3. Wait until the service checks the parcel data, it will not take long;
  4. Look at the search results and share them with your friends on social networks;
  5. If you enter your email address, we can send you changes in the status of your parcel automatically without your participation.

Winit - Tracking number format

# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

How to Track Parcels of WINIT

To track parcels of WINIT, enter the tracking number of your parcel into our universal tracking service. Our service will provide you with information about your WINIT parcel including its location and how long until until it'll be delivered.

If you try to track your WINIT parcels using our tracking service, and you aren’t able to get information about your package, then you may have entered your tracking number in incorrectly.

Check to make sure you’ve typed in the correct tracking number.

WINIT Tracking Number Rules

WINIT tracking numbers come in four different formats. Each WINIT tracking number format different rules.

Knowing WINIT’s tracking number rules will help you be sure you don’t enter the wrong tracking number into our universal tracking service.

The first WINIT tracking number format is 12 digits long. It starts with a pair of letters and ends with 10 numbers.

The letters in this tracking number format are “WO.” The end of this tracking number format is one single number. Nine numbers in multiples of three are between the two letters and the single number.

Here is an example: WO 123 456 789 0.

The second WINIT tracking number format is 14 numbers long. It ends with a pair of two numbers.

The following is an example of the second type of WINIT tracking number: 271 893 615 882 39.

The third WINIT tracking number format is 17 digits long. It starts with three letters and the end has two letters. The three letters it starts with are LMA, and the two letters it end with are CN.

Between the letters are 12 numbers grouped into threes.

An example of this format is LMA 123 456 789 012 CN.

The fourth type of WINIT tracking number has 18 digits. This format starts and ends with two letters. Between these letters are 14 numbers.

The two letters that start this tracking number format are ID, and the two letters that end it are CN.

An example of this tracking number type: ID 123 456 789 012 34 CN.

The numbers in each of these tracking number formats can each be different numbers, or the numbers in these tracking number formats can repeat.

Take, for example, the first tracking number format. An example of that format with repeating numbers is WO 123 345 689 2.

The History of WINIT

WINIT was established in Shanghai, China in 2012. Its full name is WINIT Information Technology Co., and it provides logistics solutions for international eCommerce.

WINIT provides help with logistics, the three flows of supply chain, and financing.

The ultimate goal of WINIT is to help sellers develop supply chain operations that are local to where they are located. WINIT also strives to help shorten the amount of time it takes for items to be delivered to eCommerce buyers.

In short, WINIT hopes to improve the overall buyer experience in the eCommerce market.

WINIT began their partnership with ebay in November 2014 to provide special services for auction buyers on eBay.

Since it began its partnership with eBay in 2014, WINIT has provided eBay’s auction customers with a customized warehousing service that is located overseas.

WINIT uses a proprietary KPI monitoring system that is effective at helping WINIT guarantee same-day shipping to an overwhelming majority of their orders. In fact, approximately 95% of WINIT’s orders are shipped same-day, guaranteed.

WINIT pools resources from their partners to ensure their clients are able to receive high-quality and reliable service at a competitive and affordable price.

WINIT has partnerships with many companies and courier services including Damco, TNT, Royal Mail, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and USPS.

WINIT Company Size and Personnel

WINIT has more than 700 global employees who help the company provide more than 40 different types of delivery services.

WINIT has 11 order processing centers, and its overseas warehouses process more than 15 million orders daily.

The total area of WINIT’s overseas warehouses equal 81,000 square miles.

The Operations Manager of WINIT is Jeffery Liu, and its Logistics Manager is Sherman Chan. Huan Guo is WINIT’s Vice President.

WINIT Global Branches

WINIT has two warehouses in the United States (U.S.), and three warehouses in Europe. WINIT also has a warehouse in Australia.

The two U.S. warehouses process 60,000 orders daily, and the three European warehouses process more than 280,000 orders per day. The Australian warehouse process 40,000 orders every day.

The European warehouses are located in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium.

The three warehouses in the United States service America, Mexico, Canada, and Brazil. The cities where these warehouses are located are Los Angeles, California, Walton, Kentucky, and Houston, Texas.

The Australian warehouse is in Sydney, Australia, and it only services Australia.

The warehouses in the United Kingdom are located in Leicester, Glenfield, and Manchester. These warehouses service Britain and other main European countries.

The german warehouse is located in Bremen, Germany, and it services Germany and other nearby European countries.

The Belgium warehouse is located in Mouscron, and it provides its services to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, and other European countries.

WINIT Market Share

There isn’t much information available online about WINIT’s market share, but it’s a popular logistics service company for eCommerce sellers and buyers.

How to Contact WINIT Customer Service

The contact number for the Walton, Kentucky, WINIT location is (859) 485-0550, and the address for this WINIT warehouse location is 41 Logistics Blvd a2, Walton, KY 41094.

The hours of operation for this location is as follows:

Monday to Friday, it’s open 24 hours, but it’s closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The California WINIT location is open for 24 hours daily. It’s customer service number is (855) 946-4887. The address for this WINIT location is 18501 Arenth Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748.

The number for the Mainland China customer service hotline is 400-996-0766, and the number for the Taiwan customer service hotline is 0080-186-1060.

The Hong Kong WINIT customer service hotline is

If contact information for a WINIT location that services your area isn’t listed here, then it’s because that information couldn’t be found. However, there are a few alternative ways you can contact a WINIT customer service representative for help.

WINIT allows customers to Skype with a customer service agent. To Skype with a WINIT customer service agent contact the Skype name “winitcs.”

Another way that you can contact a WINIT customer service agent for help or answers about your parcels is by emailing WINIT customer service at

For marketing and inquiry information, you can contact a WINIT agent by emailing them at

WINIT Metropolis

WINIT’s Metropolis system is what sets it apart from much of its competition. Metropolis is an innovative trade management system that was specially created for cross-border eCommerce.

This system makes international eCommerce easier and more efficient for every party in the eCommerce market. Buyers, sellers, and couriers alike all benefit from the simplicity that Metropolis brings to international eCommerce.

Metropolis was crafted by IT experts and experienced logistics management professionals. Metropolis provides in-depth and transparent tacking information in real time to ensure that the right parcel reaches the correct customer.

The Metropolis trade management system connects buyers and sellers throughout the process to make sure everyone is on the same page and aware of what is going on. Transparency is key.

The Metropolis system can be broken down into three key parts.

1. Transparent Delivery

With Metropolis, every step in the shipping and handling process is tracked and recorded. This ensures that orders are completed by the expected deadline.

Metropolis lets users take complete control of the logistics process by tracking units, packaging, bills of delivery, bills of receipts, and so much more in real-time using over 100 nodes.

Metropolis also reviews expenses before users by units of product analyzing data provided to it by vendors.

2. Unit-level Tracking

Metropolis gives orders unique serial numbers that allow by-unit orders to be tracked as they work they way through WINIT’s international network of warehouses and logistic service partners.

The real-time inventory statistics about unit orders can be used to make meeting the demand for goods easier by increasing agility and preventing holdups or bottlenecks.

3. Increased Sales & Inventory Efficiency

With Metropolis you can visualize trends in sales and inventory levels, and increase business intelligence by analyzing demand and getting rid of inventory depending on your business’ needs.

WINIT’s Metropolis can also foster efficiency by organizing logistics operations and making them easier to manage.

Since WINIT’s Metropolis keeps track of data about every step of the shipping and handling process of orders, it can be used to investigate and resolve disputes.

If you have an issue with your parcels of WINIT, then contact WINIT customer service and request that your dispute be handled immediately.

Winit - information about carrier

WinIT is among the key organisation lines of WinTRADE BPO сompany, providing economical and premium IT outsourcing services helping Ukrainian and foreign business to increase IT effectiveness and optimize costs.

WinIT is your external department for automation and process control, which permits utilizing details technology for service more efficiently without additional financial investment, improve the reliability of info systems, minimize operating expenses and improve EBITDA.

WinIT is a group of knowledgeable certified experts with over 10 years of proficiency in the execution of tasks for the largest IT business in Ukraine.

WinIT is an efficient solution to enhance the performance of IT processes and strengthening the competitiveness of business in basic. The offered services will enable you to profit from business expenses, release resources for core jobs and successfully use workforce.

WinIT services

Software Development and Support

WinIT group will help enhance business management processes, increasing efficiency with innovative, quickly scalable IT options. On the basis of problem analysis particularly conducted for consumers, we perform a full cycle of software application development and implementation with more information system assistance.

Assistance of existing info systems

WinIT professionals offer smooth performance of organisation partners, handling 24/7 support and monitoring of existing details systems, fixing and content management. This will decrease the load on their own IT specialists and increase the effectiveness of their activities.

We also will supply speaking with assistance to users, allowing them to more efficiently handle their working time.

HelpDesk/ ServiceDesk

WinIT offers HelpDesk/ ServiceDesk as a variety of contracting out services to support users and manage incidents and problems. Our assistance will improve the reliability of organisation process management, decrease the number of info system failures and downtime, decrease the load on IT personnel partners.

We will produce client assistance "from scratch" or participate in the improvement of the existing Service Desk; we will present options and products required to fix technical and supervisory problems, the maintenance of application database, will evaluate and recommend steps to improve the existing system.

We will offer full assistance for users, offer with the 2nd and 1st levels of technical support and inform you of the status.

IT Infrastructure Support

WinIT experts supply a full series of IT services for geographically dispersed companies, including upkeep of workstations, periphery gadgets, networks, hardware, application support, and supply chain management.

We can help in reducing the cost of ownership and management of IT facilities while improving the quality, security and reliability of service.

If needed, we will perform the setup works ourselves.

IT outstaffing

WinIT uses IT outstaffing services with the transfering of direct functional staff management to our client. The service includes the choice and hiring of workers, the formation of workers reserve for the task, the timely replacement of experts when needed. We offer the register of clients' current employees into WinIT staff.

WinIT offers outstaffing services in the fields of advancement and testing of software application systems, architecture database, organisation and style applications administration, task management, technical assistance.

Winit - Parcel tracking statuses

China Post Acceptance
Enroute to Next Operation Center
Prepare for shipments
Item dispatched. PKG#:PKG04281538
Departure from airport to destination country
Enroute to Next Station
Item in transit
Customs scan
Guangzhou Int'l Parcel Center received
Processing shipment
Left for destination country,next stop, Guangzhou Processing Center
Enroute to Carrier’s Depot to be shipped via China Post, this is an untracked service, you will not receive any additional tracking information before delivery.
Going to next airport/seaport
Departure from airport to destination country,planned flight KE0828-0071,planned take off time 12:45
Left for destination country,next stop, 广商大宗
Going to next airport/seaport, CZ347-CZ456,02:20
Left for destination country,next stop, Shenzhen Center
Guangzhou Int'l Parcel Center customs scan
Transport to Country of Destination
Enroute to Carrier’s Depot to be shipped via Hongkong Post, this is an untracked service, you will not receive any additional tracking information before delivery.
Has been received
We've got it
Port warehouse Loading
Customs Clearance in China
Collection Delayed
Shipped via XDP, this is an untracked service, you will not receive any additional tracking information before delivery.
In Transit to Hermes
Awaiting pickup
Enroute to Carrier’s Depot to be shipped via [Malaysia Post]
Leaving Shenzhen city international parcel process center, next station Shenzhen center
Item(s) picked
Item received
Leaving Guangzhou Int'l Parcel Center, next station
Item(s) packed
Pre-Advice Loaded
Enroute to Carrier’s Depot to be shipped via [China Post]
Electronic information has been received
Has been closed
Electronic Data Received
Arrived at China Post Depot
Departure from airport to destination country,planned flight CZ329,planned take off time 14:00
Departure from airport to destination country,planned flight CZ347-CZ456,planned take off time 02:20
退 回
Ready for pick-up
Order submitted
Picked up Package from Origin