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AnJun - tracking packages and shipments

Keep track of Anjun parcels and shipments with our free service! All you need to do to track your parcel is enter the tracking number, and then the service will know its location in real time.

How do I track my Anjun parcel with 100Parcels.com?

  1. Find out the tracking number of your parcel;
  2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the field at the top of the page;
  3. Wait until the service checks the parcel data, it will not take long;
  4. Look at the search results and share them with your friends on social networks;
  5. If you enter your email address, we can send you changes in the status of your parcel automatically without your participation.

Anjun - Tracking number format

# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

Anjun - information about carrier

Established in Shenzhen in 2011, it concentrates on one-stop export logistics services for little, medium and micro cross-border e-commerce sellers. In reaction to the survival status and logistics bottlenecks of little, medium and micro cross-border e-commerce sellers, through cooperation with the platform and combination of various logistics resources, we are deeply cultivating the advancement of logistics channels that meet the requirements of small, medium and micro cross-border e-commerce. From a centralized operation center to a hassle-free community receiving point, from manual batch buying to ERP smart network guide, from the public freight forwarding channel to a quick logistics service customized according to the e-commerce platform policy, Anjun Logistics has ended up being a little and medium-sized A cross-border logistics service provider relied on by micro-e-commerce sellers.

Anjun logistics system with independent advancement of copyright rights, warehousing, packaging and transshipment system, smart logistics OA management system, smart customer E system and self-service client service processing system are essential elements of Anjun logistics to produce a smart logistics platform. Anjun UK dedicated line, French devoted line, American devoted line, EuroPost dedicated line, Canada Post devoted line and other service channels released by integrating worldwide remarkable logistics resources and the requirements of medium-sized and little e-commerce sellers have won praise from small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers. Complying with the "genuineness, performance, professionalism, and loyalty" of Anjun's service spirit, Anjun Logistics is committed to offering more high-quality modern global e-commerce logistics services for cross-border e-commerce.

Short introduction of useful channels:

  • US devoted line: An Jun US dedicated line was introduced by An Jun Logistics in cooperation with the US logistics business LANDMARK, particularly for airmail parcel services in the United States. Direct flight to Los Angeles, USA via Hong Kong, delivery to USPS destination. Strong processing power, steady service and great timeliness. The items with built-in battery and cream cosmetics can be sent and gotten, and the item has large flexibility.
  • British parcel line: Anjun Logistics released the EuroPost parcel line. The main location nation is all EU countries, transiting from Hong Kong to London, UK. It is positioned as a mid-to-high-end time-effective cross-border e-commerce channel. The time limit is 5-10 days. Customs clearance, items with integrated battery can be received, registration can be tracked throughout, the rate is computed in grams, the products can be received to 20KG, the channel is steady, the aging is quick, and the expense efficiency is high;
  • French unique line: The French unique line jointly released by Anjun Logistics, focusing on the fast e-commerce logistics channel in the French market, can receive the built-in battery items, the aging time is 5-8 days, the destination is cleared, the whole process can be tracked and asked, and the cost is determined in grams, can get items to 20KG, Hong Kong transfers straight to Paris.