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# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

Correo Paraguayo - information about carrier

Correo Nacional Paraguayo is the national post workplace of Paraguay. The National Post Workplace of Paraguay (DINACOPA) was created by Law No. 4016/10.

DINACOPA intends to:

  • The provision of postal services of worldwide and nationwide origin, including those within the scope of the Universal Postal Service; the other services and products developed and to be created provided by DINACOPA; as well as the issuance and promo of postage stamps, targeted at pleasing the needs of its consumers.

DINACOPA has as functions:

  • The administration, management, advancement and exploitation of postal services of global and nationwide origin, consisting of those of the universal postal service; the other product and services; those attended to in the worldwide treaties signed and ratified; postal services and items created by DINACOPA, in order to satisfy the requirements of consumers.
  • The arrangement of hybrid mail services, financial services, logistics provision and any other kind of freshly produced service, related to correspondence and other postal interactions.
  • Promote and establish, with related entities from other nations, the exchange of services and take part in conferences of the Universal Postal Union-UPU, Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal - UPAEP and other International Organizations associated to the postal activity.
  • Promote the necessary actions for the correct use of technical support and cooperation in postal matters at the national and global level and promote interaction and mutual cooperation with entities of the public and private sector.
  • Issue and took into flow postal stamps or other methods of postage, as well as their commercialization.
  • Promote, promote, market, display screen and promote postal species or products through philately.
  • Conserve, enrich and distribute the postal collections that belong to the nation's cultural heritage.
  • Establish tariffs and costs for postal services and items.
  • Plan and formulate the basic policy of DINACOPA, for the industrial, functional, monetary and administrative area.
  • Design, develop and propose the natural guidelines of DINACOPA, for the very best service and administrative and operational functioning.
  • Sign agreements with clients, suppliers and company.
  • Sign contracts with other International Postal Administrations and with 3rd parties, to incorporate and market new services and products.
  • Agree conditions and sign arrangements for the partial or total outsourcing of services and sale of postal products, within the framework of the provisions of Law No. 2051/03 "ON PUBLIC CONTRACTING" and its modifications.
  • Agree rates and participate in agreements with air, land, place and river transport business, as landlord or tenant of property.
  • Formalize cooperation contracts with other postal service operators, worldwide and nationwide.
  • Manage your assets, prepare and perform your budget.
  • Enable and cancel accounts in the regional or international financial system, in addition to carry out active and passive credit or loan operations.

In their capability as a designated operator for the arrangement of the Universal Postal Service ensured by the State, the following are solely reserved for DINACOPA:

  • The reception, admission, classification, processing, transportation, distribution and shipment throughout the national territory of correspondence, licensed or not, supplied that its weight amounts to or less than 100 (one hundred) grams.
  • The choice when the senders are the national public sector and other autonomous and decentralized entities.
  • The choice in the delivery of files and other administrative or judicial notifications and their certification for legal purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedures.
    d) The choice of treatments in customizeds control of deliveries, included in the scope of the SPU, and services provided by DINACOPA.
  • The top priority and consistency in the treatment and transport of postal dispatches, by all the air, land, river and rail companies that run within the nationwide area.
  • The attribution to establish the service of Post Office Boxes or Post Office Boxes predestined to the shipment of mailings and to the installation of Admission Mailboxes, in all the national area.
  • The usage of the names "El Correo", "Correo Paraguayo", "Correo Correo", "Correo Público", the logo design and other unique indications identifying the product or services of the Correo Paraguayo; the issuance and usage of postal stamps and other signs of postage and supporting the payment of the postal charge.
  • DINACOPA has the capacity to purchase, sell or rent stationary and movable residential or commercial property and might get contributions. Likewise, it will have the capacity to perform and commemorate all the contracts and acts necessary for the efficiency of its mission.
  • Private business dedicated to providing postal or courier services, admission, transportation and circulation of parcels and associated items must be signed up in the register of postal operators set up for this function in DINACOPA".