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Keep track of Correo Uruguayo parcels and shipments with our free service! All you need to do to track your parcel is enter the tracking number, and then the service will know its location in real time.

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  1. Find out the tracking number of your parcel;
  2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the field at the top of the page;
  3. Wait until the service checks the parcel data, it will not take long;
  4. Look at the search results and share them with your friends on social networks;
  5. If you enter your email address, we can send you changes in the status of your parcel automatically without your participation.

Correo Uruguayo - Tracking number format

# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

Correo Uruguayo - information about carrier

Correo Uruguayo (officially Administración Nacional de Correos) is the nationwide postal service in Uruguay.

Its goal is to emerge universal access for all Uruguayan society, assisting in the satisfaction of its communication, logistics and financial services demands.

Through its National Postal Network (RNP), the largest physical network in the country, it covers the 19 departments and 90% of all urban areas with more than 500 residents.

It guarantees the provision of the Universal Postal Service (SPU), which implies the long-term provision of quality basic postal services, in all parts of the area and at cost effective prices.

Correo Uruguayo serves as a crucial factor of social addition, reduces distances, brings companies and individuals closer and acts as a representative of combination between individuals and countries.


The first postal services were set up in Durazno in 1827, 2 years later the exact same happens in Montevideo, on January 1, 1829, settling in a modest house on Calle San Pedro and Santo Tomás, today May 25 and Maciel. It occurs as a reaction to the need for interaction between individuals. That standard need is the origin of mail worldwide.

In 1830 the growth of the Postal Service imposed its transfer to a new house situated on San Gabriel and San Fernando streets, presently Rincón and Juan Carlos Gómez.

That year economic and political occasions emerged that determined the start of a period of crisis. These events encouraged a new transfer, this time to the Government Fort, today Plaza Zabala.

20 years later, in 1852, the federal government took control of the Post Office once again and Mr. Manuel Salsona was selected General Administrator, a position that Atanasio Lapido would later on inhabit.

The building presently occupied by the Central Post Office, at the corner of Buenos Aires and Misiones streets, was integrated in the early 20th century by the E. Chiancone y Cía. Construction Company, to house the central workplaces. The marbles used were specifically brought from Carrara, Italy.

This structure, which was enabled in 1925, makes up an architectural landmark stated of interest for the Municipality of Montevideo and the Ministry of Education and Culture, is a regular place for gos to by tourists and schoolchildren.

In the main hall there is a monolith to the hero José Gervasio Artigas made by the carver, and Post officer, Carlos M. Martínez. The sculpture was delivered on June 19, 1960, by officials of the former National Post Office.

The Protocol Room, long the workplace of the Presidency of the Postal Administration, is among the couple of that stays devoted to the original style.

What most effects the Hall is the stained glass, a present from the Peruvian Post Office with an unique meaning, representing a chasqui providing a message to the Indian chief through the post system.

Considering that 1996 the Central Mail structure has become part of the National Historical Heritage.


  • Parcel service - Correo Uruguayo uses 3 categories of global plans: Small International Package, EMS and International Package. By Customs provision, users should state shipments made abroad.
    Through its Ahíva platform, Correo Uruguayo uses its customers a self-management tool to send, track and collect their plans to any part of the nation.
  • Mail service
  • EMS - Tracking up until shipment and the endorsement of the Universal Postal Union are the most impressive qualities of the EMS service. Thanks to the just recently concluded treaties and the execution of the IPS merged keeping an eye on system, the info it supplies, this service has actually enhanced considerably, hence making it possible to understand the status of deliveries at all stages of the postal process, consisting of the time of shipment to the addressee.
  • Logistic service
  • Internet supplying
  • Money transfer
  • Philately

Correo Uruguayo - Parcel tracking statuses