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Correos Guatemala - Tracking number format

# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

Correos Guatemala - information about carrier

El Correo de Guatemala has been an organization devoted to offering the service of correspondence, letter shipments, files and parcels in Guatemala.

In 1765, maritime mail was implemented for the very first time in Guatemala - with the port of Santo Tomás de Castilla as the main means. On the other hand, the post workplaces were found in front of the Cathedral.

Because very same year, the first Guatemalan postage stamps were issued, commissioned by the National Philatelic Council of Guatemala.

After its damage by the earthquakes of 1917 and 1918, its construction was delayed till 1938, when it was purchased to be developed by Jorge Ubico. In 1945 it was inaugurated and named as General Directorate of Post and Telecommunications at 7 avenue and 12 street in zone 1.

In 1997, the nationwide mail was approved by the Álvaro Arzú government to the business Correo de Guatemala, S.A., with the commercial name El Correo. It presently has about 400 agencies in the nationwide area and more than 300 people working as postmen.

Now approximately 40 million documents are delivered and gotten every year. The telegrams still continue, they are utilized for a summons from courts and companies that release collection notifications. These are received by hand or by device at one of the Post offices, then they are written on a computer, printed and sent out as an immediate file.