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Ekart Logistics tracking packages and shipments

Keep track of Ekart Logistics parcels and shipments with our free service! All you need to do to track your parcel, is to enter the tracking number, and then the service will keep track of your parcel’s location in real time.

How do I track my Ekart Logistics parcel with 100Parcels.com?

  1. Find out the tracking number of your parcel;
  2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the field at the top of the page;
  3. Wait until the service checks the parcel data, it will not take long;
  4. View the search results and share them with your friends via social networking;
  5. If you enter your email address, we can notify you automatically of changes to the status of your parcel.

Ekart Logistics - Tracking number format

  • FMP# *** *** *** *

# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

Ekart Logistics - information about carrier

Ekart logistics or Ekart courier is an Indian courier delivery services business, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. As of 2015, Ekart delivered 85 percent of items purchased on Flipkart. Klick2Shop Logistics Services International, a Singapore-based business, invested Rs.1641 crore in Ekart in October 2017.

EKART is India's biggest logistics and supply chain business providing 10 million shipments a month to 3800+ pin codes. Developed in 2009, EKART as Flipkart's internal supply chain arm has actually powered the development of Flipkart with innovations such as Cash on Delivery, In-a-day guarantee (50 cities), Same-day warranty (13 cities).

EKART delivers on consistent quality in customer experience by providing dependably and managing variability at scale. With a renewed mission of changing core supply chain through technology, EKART is now using the very same proposal to Brands, Sellers, Platforms and Consumers beyond the Flipkart Group.

Ekart Logistics - Parcel tracking statuses

Received at MUM/SAI1
Received at DaryaganjHub_DEL
Dispatched to Kalyan Hub
Dispatched to BhiwandiTcHub_BHI
Dispatched to TTSPLNeemranaODH_NEE
Dispatched to PhulbaniHub_PLB
Received at ElasticRunNandanaParkODH_KOL
Dispatched to MaladWestHub_MUM
Dispatched to Ponda Hub
Received at Coimbatore Sort Facility
Received at TTSPLKhopolisplitODH_KPL
Received at CABTBhubaneswarODH_BBI
Dispatched to Ranjan Kumar
Dispatched to CentralHub_BAV2
Dispatched to IdentifyplusUpletaODH_UPL
Dispatched to KanjoorHub_ALU
Received at ChalakkudiHub_CKY
Received at Sigra Hub
Received at SP_262405_LOADSHARE_CB
Dispatched to RohaHub_RHA
Received at BhiwandiTcHub_BHI
Dispatched to PeoplesCampusHub_BHO
Received at Fkl-Gurgaonflex
Received at CentralHub_L_HYDX
Received at Kovaipudur Hub
Dispatched to Kolhapur Hub
Received at ElasticRunNerulODH_MUM
Received at Serampore Sort Facility
Received at FKL_hydpatan
Dispatched to Wagholi Hub
Dispatched to Ghaziabad Hub
Received at Tripurani store
Dispatched to MotherHub_BLR
Unsuccessful Delivery attempt failed(No response from customer)
Received at CentralHub_L_CJB3
Dispatched to Hubli Transport Centre
Dispatched to ElamakkaraHub_COK
Dispatched to VAIBHAV KIRANA
Received at Jamnagar Hub
Dispatched to Gurgaon Hub
Dispatched to Pune Sort Facility
Received at MithanpuraHub_MZF
Dispatched to Serampore Sort Facility
Dispatched to AnjarakandyHub_ANJ
Dispatched to Habsiguda Hub
Dispatched to LoadshareDanapurSplitODH_DNP
Received at FKL-LKO_flex
Received at Madurai Hub
Dispatched to ForbesganjHub_FBG
Undelivered. (Rescheduled to: 2021-06-18)
Received at Mile Stone
Received at Kochi Hub
Dispatched to K.K Enterprises
Dispatched to BhabuaHub_BBU
Received at Motherhub_IND
Received at Motherhub_AHD
Received at Motherhub_LUD
Received at Rajesh Rajendran C HOME
Dispatched to SanathNagarHub_HYD
Dispatched to SandalPurHub_PAT
Dispatched to GautamnagarHub_BBI
Dispatched to Kochi Hub
Received at PAT/BTS
Dispatched to MUM/SAI1
Received at Palakkad Hub
Dispatched to Motherhub_BHU
Received at BhavnagarHub
Received at FKL_Bhuneshwar_ BTS01
Dispatched to SaravanampattiHub_CJB
Dispatched to CABTGautamnagarODH_BBI
Received at fkl_AHD
Received at CentralHub_MLB
Received at MotherHub_RCB
Dispatched to Central Hub MPL1
Received at Thiruvallur Hub
Received at RajKotTCHub_RAJ
Dispatched to MotherHub_BAG
Dispatched to Khandagiri Hub
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_JMN
Dispatched to Goa Sort Facility
Received at MotherHub_SNK
Dispatched to TirupurNorthHub_TPR
Received at PatliputraHub_PAT
Dispatched to LoadshareRourkelaSplitODH_RRK
Dispatched to AurangabadBiharHub_AWB
Received at LoadshareRourkelaSplitODH_RRK
Dispatched to MotherHub_FRK
Dispatched to PalluruthyHub_PRT
Shipment Created
Dispatched to MotherHub_GOR
Received at TTSPLNeemranaODH_NEE
Dispatched to Rudrapur Hub
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_TVM
Received at Jaipur Sort Facility
Dispatched to Bilaspur Sort Facility
Received at Wagholi Hub
Dispatched to SakinakaSplitHub_MUM
Received at Satellitehub_STV1
Received at Goa Sort Facility
Received at Vashi Hub
Received at MotherHub_HYP
Received at MaladWestHub_MUM
Received at MP_SuratHub_STV
Dispatched to ElasticRunNerulODH_MUM
Dispatched to ElasticRunBhubaneswarODH_BBI
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_MDR
Received at Pune Sort Facility
Dispatched to TitwalaHub_TWL
Dispatched to Bamnoli Sort Centre
Dispatched to BhavnagarHub
Dispatched to ElasticRunNandanaParkODH_KOL
Received at BhabuaHub_BBU
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_YWP
Received at CABTRamtekODH_RMT
Received at JagdishpurHub_JDP
Received at SatelliteHub_YWP
Dispatched to Udaipur Hub
Dispatched to Chembur Hub
Dispatched to BarauniHub_BJU
Dispatched to ITPL Hub
Received at PeoplesCampusHub_BHO
Received at FKL_Raipur
Dispatched to CentralHub_MLB
Dispatched to BHU/CUT
Dispatched to LakhisaraiHub_LKR
Dispatched to Garia Hub
Received at Motherhub_BLR_Flex
Received at MotherHub_IXR
Received at IdentifyplusRajivNagarSplitODH_PAT
Pickup From Seller
Dispatched to SITICSMarthandamODH_MTM
Dispatched to JagdishpurHub_JDP
Dispatched to Manarcadu_MRD
Dispatched to LargelogicChinnamanurODH_CNM
Received at MadhepuraHub_DMH
Received at Motherhub_ULB
Dispatched to Temple City Hub_IXM
Dispatched to SP_262405_LOADSHARE_CB
Dispatched to Pollachi Hub
Received at CentralHub_PTC
Dispatched to TTSPLKhopolisplitODH_KPL
Dispatched to Verna Hub
Dispatched to Gurgaon Manesar Hub
Dispatched to Cochin Transport Centre
Dispatched to Motherhub_IND
Received at DanapurHub_DNR
Dispatched to DaryaganjHub_DEL
Received at Santacruz Hub
Received at FKL_Patna_BTS01
Dispatched to Motherhub_MAL
Received at Medchal Sort Facility
Dispatched to Devansh Enterprises
Received at Peelamedu Hub
Dispatched to Kanjirappally_KJP
Dispatched to GAU/GUW
Dispatched to CentralHub_L_HYDX
Received at Visakhavalley Hub
Dispatched to Belgaum Hub
Dispatched to MotherHub_BNL
Dispatched to OrderlyBazar Hub
Received at ElasticRunDahisarODH_MUM
Received at CentralHub_HOS
Dispatched to SindhanurHub_SDN
Dispatched to Motherhub_JKS
Received at NeyyattinkaraHub_NYY
Received at EKL_Bamnoli1
Dispatched to SASPerambraODH_PMB
Received at RajivNagar Hub
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_COK
Unable to attempt delivery due to operational issues
Received at SASPerambraODH_PMB
Received at SaravanampattiHub_CJB
Received at Mir Kasem Ali
Dispatched to MotherHub_LKO
Received at Fkl-Sankrail
Received at CentralHub_MPL1
Received at CentralHub_Alite_L_PTW2
Received at MotherHub_FRK
Received at Gurgaon Manesar Hub
Received at MUM/SAI3
Dispatched to MacherlaHub_MCH
Received at CentralHub_Alite_L_PAN4
Received at MP_JaipurHub_JAI
Received at AnjarakandyHub_ANJ
Dispatched to Madurai Hub
Received at FKL_mhnag
Received at BhusawalHub_JGO
Received at Verna Hub
Shipment created
Dispatched to PalladamHub_PAM
Received at Satellite Hub_NSP
Dispatched to CCU/ULB1
Dispatched to MotherHub_HYP
Dispatched to JamuiHub_JMU
Dispatched to MotherHub_LHR_3PL
Received at Bamnoli Sort Centre
Received at BongaigaonHub_BGG
Received at MacherlaHub_MCH
Unsuccessful Delivery attempt failed(Customer rejected)
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_CCJ
Dispatched to ElasticRunMiraRoadSplitODH_MUM
Dispatched to CentralHub_Alite_L_SAJ4
Received at SatelliteHub_COK
Dispatched to Motherhub_JKS_Ret
Dispatched to Panvel Hub
Undelivered. (Rescheduled to: 2021-05-14)
Dispatched to MotherHub_COK
Dispatched to ChapraHub_CPR
Received at SatelliteHub_BMV
Received at Ranjan Kumar
Received at KhatraHub_KHT
Received at fkl-Coimbatore
Dispatched to HajipurHub_HJP
Dispatched to CharaiHub_MUM
Unsuccessful Undelivered due to incomplete address
Dispatched to PKCorporateAmeenpurODH_HYD
Dispatched to Hoshiarpur Hub
Dispatched to Satellitehub_KTY
Received at UlhasnagarHub_MUM
Dispatched to BhusawalHub_JGO
Dispatched to Vashi Hub
Dispatched to MotherHub_CSK
Received at LoadshareDanapurSplitODH_DNP
Dispatched to Motherhub_VNI
Received at RohaHub_RHA
Dispatched to Sigra Hub
Received at Hoskote Sort facility
Received at Temple City Hub_IXM
Received at MotherHub_LKO
Received at SatelliteHub_TVM1
Received at SITICSMarthandamODH_MTM
Dispatched to Hoskote Sort facility
Received at Kalyan Hub
Dispatched to Mile Stone
Received at SandalPurHub_PAT
Received at BOM/BTS
Dispatched to Visakhavalley Hub
Received at ElamakkaraHub_COK
Received at ElasticRunWadalaODH_MUM
Received at FKL_mhmalur
Dispatched to KankarBagh Hub
Received at ChapraHub_CPR
Dispatched to Thiruvallur Hub
Dispatched to Motherhub_COK_Flex
Received at KanjoorHub_ALU
Dispatched to RajivNagar Hub
Dispatched to Dindigul Hub
Out for Delivery
Dispatched to CABTTallurODH_TLR
Out For Delivery
Dispatched to Surat Sort Facility
Received at Kanjirappally_KJP
Received at PalluruthyHub_PRT
Dispatched to AshokNagarHub_PAT
Received at GAU/GUW
Dispatched to Raipur Hub
Received at KOL/DKN1
Dispatched to KalaninagarHub_IDR
Dispatched to Motherhub_ULB
Delivery attempt failed(No response from customer)
Received at Motherhub_NAG
Received at Khandagiri Hub
Dispatched to HYD/VIJ
Received at Thodupuzha Hub
Received at Panvel Hub
Dispatched to Rajabazar Hub
Received at SakinakaSplitHub_MUM
Received at Ponda Hub
Dispatched to Tripurani store
Dispatched to ChalakkudiHub_CKY
Received at EKL_Ranchi
Dispatched to CentralHub_Alite_L_PAN4
Received at MotherHub_BNL
Dispatched to Motherhub_LKO_Flex
Received at Bilaspur Sort Facility
Received at Motherhub_VNI
Dispatched to ElasticRunVishrantwadiODH_PUNE
Received at Habsiguda Hub
Dispatched to RajKotTCHub_RAJ
Dispatched to Satellitehub_STV1
Received at BommidiHub_BMI
Dispatched to Jamnagar Hub
Dispatched to MotherHub_PAT
Received at MotherHub_GOR
Dispatched to TTSPLHindaunODH_HDN
Received at Dindigul Hub
Received at TirupurNorthHub_TPR
Dispatched to NeyyattinkaraHub_NYY
Received at Raipur Sort Facility
Received at KalaninagarHub_IDR
Dispatched to DanapurHub_DNR
Received at AshokNagarHub_PAT
Received at HajipurHub_HJP
Dispatched to BOM/BTS
Dispatched to PatliputraHub_PAT
Dispatched to Tanaji Enterprises
Received at Motherhub_COK_Flex
Dispatched to UlhasnagarHub_MUM
Dispatched to MUM/SAI3
Dispatched to CentralHub_PTC
Dispatched to LoadshareCuttackSplitODH_BBI
Received at CABTGautamnagarODH_BBI
Dispatched to MithanpuraHub_MZF
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_BMV
Dispatched to Rajesh Rajendran C HOME
Received at Satellitehub_SVK
Received at fkl_vni
Received at Manarcadu_MRD
Received at fkl_LUD
Dispatched to SATISH KIRANA
Dispatched to MadhepuraHub_DMH
Dispatched to Medchal Sort Facility
Received at Hubli Transport Centre
Dispatched to Motherhub_AHD
Dispatched to PAT/BTS
Dispatched to Kottayam Hub
Received at MotherHub_OFX
Dispatched to ElasticRunDahisarODH_MUM
Received at GautamnagarHub_BBI
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_TVM1
Dispatched to CentralHub_Alite_L_PTW2
Dispatched to CentralHub_L_CJB3
Received at Motherhub_MAL
Dispatched to Motherhub_LUD
Received at KankarBagh Hub
Received at CCU/ULB1
Dispatched to IdentifyplusRajivNagarSplitODH_PAT
Dispatched to Peelamedu Hub
Dispatched to Raipur Sort Facility
Received at Garia Hub
Received at Motherhub_JKS
Received at Fkl-MUMFlexSai1
Received at Motherhub_LKO_Flex
Received at PathanamthittaHub_PMT
Received at CharaiHub_MUM
Dispatched to MotherHub_RCB
Dispatched to Ashapura Enterprise
Received at Hoshiarpur Hub
Received at PKCorporateAmeenpurODH_HYD
Received at Mahadevapura Hub
Dispatched to Coimbatore Sort Facility
Dispatched to BongaigaonHub_BGG
Received at Surat Sort Facility
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_KLM
Received at Motherhub_SRX
Dispatched to Santacruz Hub
Dispatched to Motherhub_BLR_Flex
Dispatched to KOL/DKN1
Received at Rudrapur Hub
Received at MotherHub_CSK
Received at Anitha Kirana
Dispatched to ManendragarhHub_MGH
Received at LoadshareCuttackSplitODH_BBI
Received at EKL_Bamnoli2
Dispatched to Jaipur Sort Facility
Dispatched to Gaya Hub
Received at CentralHub_BAV2
Dispatched to KhatraHub_KHT
Received at K.K Enterprises
Received at fkl_LKO
Dispatched to MotherHub_IXR
Received at CentralHub_Alite_L_SAJ4
Dispatched to Anitha Kirana
Received at SatelliteHub_KLM
Dispatched to Mir Kasem Ali
Received at fkl-pune
Dispatched to Palakkad Hub
Received at fkl_IND
Dispatched to CABTBhubaneswarODH_BBI
Dispatched to CentralHub_HOS
Dispatched to CABTRamtekODH_RMT
Received at SatelliteHub_MDR
Received at Ghaziabad Hub
Received at BHU/CUT
Received at FKL_JKS
Dispatched to Satellitehub_SVK
Received at HYD/VIJ
Dispatched to Vasai Hub
Dispatched to Motherhub_SRX
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_MCL
Received at CABTTallurODH_TLR
Received at MotherHub_BLR
Received at SatelliteHub_TVM
Received at LakhisaraiHub_LKR
Received at Raju store
Received at Ashapura Enterprise
Received at Devansh Enterprises
Dispatched to Vipin HOME
Received at TitwalaHub_TWL
Received at Tanaji Enterprises
Received at Raipur Hub
Received at Rajabazar Hub
Received at AurangabadBiharHub_AWB
Received at ElasticRunVishrantwadiODH_PUNE
Dispatched to ElasticRunWadalaODH_MUM
Dispatched to Kovaipudur Hub
Received at Fkl-fwdchennai
Dispatched to BommidiHub_BMI
Received at SatelliteHub_MCL
Received at fkl_soukyaRD
Received at Gurgaon Hub
Received at Cochin Transport Centre
Received at MotherHub_BAG
Received at MotherHub_LHR_3PL
Received at TTSPLHindaunODH_HDN
Received at ElasticRunMiraRoadSplitODH_MUM
Dispatched to MotherHub_SNK
Dispatched to Motherhub_NAG
Dispatched to Raju store
Dispatched to PathanamthittaHub_PMT
Dispatched to Mahadevapura Hub
Received at LargelogicChinnamanurODH_CNM
Dispatched to ElasticRunChirodiODH_GZD
Received at Fkl-MUMFlexSai3
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