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GLS tracking packages and shipments

Keep track of GLS parcels and shipments with our free service! All you need to do to track your parcel, is to enter the tracking number, and then the service will keep track of your parcel’s location in real time.

How do I track my GLS parcel with

  1. Find out the tracking number of your parcel;
  2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the field at the top of the page;
  3. Wait until the service checks the parcel data, it will not take long;
  4. View the search results and share them with your friends via social networking;
  5. If you enter your email address, we can notify you automatically of changes to the status of your parcel.

GLS - Tracking number format

  • !!!!!!!!
  • *** *** *** **
  • *** *** *** ***
  • *** *** *** *** **

# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

GLS Parcel Tracking in UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France

GLS now delivers parcels from more than 31 countries and the number of deliveries is over 35 million per year. This means that GLS has around 11 000 vehicles on the road every day, transporting up to 200 packages each at a time. All these vehicles are equipped with GPS technology to track every parcel.

GLS Parcel Tracking is available in the following countries: 

  • United Kingdom (UK);
  • Germany;
  • Belgium and Netherlands - GLS Parcel Tracking is available only for certain cities;
  • France.

To track a parcel from any of these four countries, just enter its number on the GLS Parcel Tracking website. If you have already received your item but don't know where it currently is, please contact GLS Parcel Tracking by filling out this form. Customer support will get back to you as soon as possible with more information about your delivery status.

Even though GLS Parcel Tracking does not offer 100% coverage for all deliveries across Europe as DPD does, the service allows tracking parcels anywhere else in the world.

Euro Business Parcel tracking

Euro Business Parcel tracking is an excellent tool for international companies that want to track their parcels and shipments in real-time. Some of the main features are:

  • Search by Tracking Number, Shipment ID, or Parcel Reference number;
  • Get an overview of all your shipments with a single click;
  • Detailed information about each shipment including the location on the map if available.

GLS Delivery Tracking

GLS Delivery Tracking is an online tool that allows you to track your parcels and shipments in real-time. This service is free of charge, easy to use, and available all over the world.

You can follow up on multiple orders with just one click using the GLS Delivery Tracking service! You will save a lot of time because you won't have to visit several pages trying to find out where your packages are. All information is consolidated into one screen, so it’s much more convenient than waiting for parcel emails or monitoring every package tracking number manually.

GLS ParcelShops

GLS ParcelShops is a service available to customers who deliver parcels via GLS or a custom carrier. Using their app, you can choose from more than 50 ParcelShops located all over the country as your delivery address and receive notifications of your package.

  • You don't need to be home when delivering - they just leave it in one of the shops near you! 
  • Shop owners are friendly people so if anything happens with your parcel (lost, damaged), they have good customer service policies for that as well. 
  • There is no subscription fee but each shop has its own price list which depends on size/weight and total volume of goods delivered there. For instance, here's an example: minimum fee cubic meter for heavy items such as furniture.

To get the best prices, it's important to use their system regularly and always choose ParcelShop near you as a delivery address for your GLS shipments if possible. 

Reliable parcel delivery

Reliable parcel delivery GLS is a large and well-established courier service, with an excellent reputation for timely deliveries worldwide. GLS online system provides detailed information about the status of your shipment at any moment along its journey from collection point via sorting office or distribution center right up until it reaches the final destination address.

Timing is everything When ordering goods from eCommerce websites, many people are trying to find quick shipping services that deliver parcels as soon as possible – no matter whether we buy cosmetics or electronic equipment, apparel items such as shoes or clothes, etc., We often want them delivered quickly so they can be the first on our block to have something new! And since GLS has a worldwide network of collection and distribution points, it can provide fast delivery services for parcels coming from or going to over 220 countries within Europe.

GLS Express delivery tracking

GLS Express shipment tracking service allows you, customers, to track their parcels from start to finish, no matter whether they have been sent within Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe, North America, or even the Asia Pacific region via our special express delivery services offered by GLS courier company. The online shipping tracker works for all destinations where there are postal codes assigned: this means we work worldwide! 

The service works 24 hours a day 365 days per year with regular updates so whether it’s nighttime or weekend they are always working keeping up to date with the latest information.

GLS DocumentReturnService tracking

GLS DocumentReturnService tracking is a great way to track your shipment. When you ship a package with GLS, the parcel will be delivered faster than any other service in Germany and Austria (a total of more than 60 countries).

To track shipments, the following information is needed:

  • Tracking number (consignment note);
  • The ID of sender or recipient.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support anytime and one of our experts will be happy to help out! 

GLS SaturdayService tracking

The GLS Saturday service is a very popular way of sending parcels over the weekend. This is because it is free for packages up to 31,50€ in weight and value. 

GLS TimeDefiniteService tracking

GLS TimeDefiniteService tracking is a service that allows GLS customers to easily track their shipments via a convenient online interface. Because of this, the customer can know exactly when they will receive or have received their parcels and thus having an accurate idea as to where the parcel is at any given time, including all packages that are being sent from within European Union countries (EU) or coming into EU countries (EU).

ExpressParcel tracking

GLS ExpressParcel tracking is easy to follow. You have the ability to track your GLS express package from door to door and receive notifications along the way via email or SMS updates. Knowing where your shipment is at any given time will help you in several situations such as ensuring that it arrives on time for an important meeting with customers or clients. It also allows you to plan accordingly when waiting for items ordered online which are being shipped by GLS ExpressParcel services.

GLS Service All countries within Europe can take advantage of this service, making it more convenient than ever before for those living abroad who need deliveries handled quickly and efficiently without having them held up due to customs issues, etc. 

EuroExpressParcel tracking

EuroExpressParcel tracking is a service GLS provides to its customers. With EuroExpressParcels Tracking available, GLS users can see the exact location of any item that is being shipped via their service. 

GlobalExpressParcel tracking

GlobalExpressParcel tracking service GLS is one of the most comprehensive and reliable in Europe. The service is fully adapted to your needs, allowing you to track parcels online at any time.

For example: if you are sending 20 packages from Paris containing goods sold by an online retailer based in Berlin, all these shipments would have their GLS references set up according to one single list including addresses by both sender & recipient.

In this case, you can easily follow your 20 parcels via a single GlobalExpressParcel tracking request.

It is the best way to track GLS packages and shipments online without wasting time!

BusinessParcel tracking

BusinessParcel tracking service GLS is a leader in the sector of international express mail. This service is suitable for both private and business customers, as it offers a wide range of possibilities when shipping parcels throughout Europe or worldwide.

BusinessSmallParcel tracking

BusinessSmallParcel tracking is a renowned worldwide international courier. The service provider was founded in the year 1969 and has a rich history of serving with excellence as well as providing excellent customer care to many individuals and companies around the world.

EuroBusinessParcel tracking

EuroBusinessParcel tracking service GLS is one of the most reliable logistics companies in Europe with a network covering more than 500 locations. 

The service is available 24/365, it's free for customers, and automatically generates email alerts sent directly to users' inboxes including current information on their shipments - when they enter destination country, leave forwarder warehouse, or arrive at the final delivery hub (transit). 

EuroBusinessSmallParcel tracking

EuroBusinessSmallParcel tracking service GLS is one of the most popular services for small business deliveries. 

EuroBusinessSmallParcel tracking service GLS is one of the best options if you want to track your parcels in real-time via an Internet browser, mobile application, or SMS alerts. 

In addition to basic tracking service, EuroBusinessSmallParcel GLS offers several additional options that can be added for free or with a paid subscription:

  • Insurance - up to 500 euro is offered as insurance if you want your shipment insured against damage or loss; 
  • Priority dispatch – this option guarantees fast delivery of packages (within 24 hours); 
  • Extra services like customs clearance and storage are available on request too. 

EuroExpressParcel tracking

When checking a shipment, you can view the order's current delivery status and also get information on each package separately by entering your reference number or simply scan its bar code in case it has one. With the EuroExpressParcel tracking option, you will find out when exactly your courier is going to deliver a parcel according to up-to-date data from GPS devices installed inside every vehicle transporting packages sent via this particular shipping company. 

ShopDeliveryService tracking

ShopDeliveryService tracking service GLS is a service that provides you with the opportunity to track your parcels in a very easy way.

GLS tracking is available for all shipments since GLS has several international logistic centers; which makes it possible to deliver packages from any location around the world. The good part of this company's services is that they are offering their own website where customers can enter and try on different options as well as plans. ShopDeliveryService offers its users an option when shopping online by providing them with special coupons and discounts.

FlexDeliveryService tracking

Tracking FlexDeliveryService service is a fast, easy and reliable way to track your GLS package. No need for additional registration, just enter your GLS tracking number and find out where is your package right now.

FlexDeliveryService service has all advantages of the GLS standard system: instant notifications about any changes related to status or location of a shipment, information on current location via GPS tracker (only when it's available), low prices, and discounts on express deliveries for registered users...and much more!

CashService tracking

CashService tracking service GLS is one of the world's leading international mail service providers. They offer a wide range of services for individuals and companies, from postage to document management and mailing solutions. 

The company offers customers a range of services, including: 

  • Packages tracking service GLS;
  • Tracking parcels from all major carriers (DHL, FedEx, UPS). 

Can I track parcels in real time?

Yes, it is possible to track GLS parcels in real-time. The tracking number can be found on your receipt and invoice as well as any accompanying package documents that are included with the shipment. If you do not have these materials at hand when trying to locate the parcel's current location, consider contacting a customer service representative who may provide additional assistance or verify whether or not this information has been uploaded into the system yet via their database of shipped packages. 

What happens if a parcel can’t be delivered?

In the rare case that a parcel can’t be delivered, your only option might be to resend it. 

How long does GLS take to deliver?

GLS is a well-known, international postal service that delivers parcels around the world. GLS has an average delivery time of three days and up to 15 working days in Europe. On top of this speed, GLS offers same-day deliveries for selected European countries and states including Germany, Austria, Italy, and France among others. 

How long does it take GLS to deliver parcels?

GLS parcels are delivered by GLS truck in the area of cities and towns. It usually takes between 24-72 hours to deliver a parcel. The exact timeframe depends on deliveries, possible disruptions (e.g., weather conditions) as well as your location/address within the city or town where you live.

My GLS parcel has been damaged, what do I do?

If you have not received your GLS package or if it has been damaged, don't worry. You can follow the right steps to solve this problem as easily and quickly as possible. The first step is to contact the customer service department by phone. Once there, explain what happened with your parcel so they can issue a case number for reference later on. 

How often does GLS tracking update?

GLS tracking updates every hour, and if you're lucky your package will update even more often!

Does GLS deliver in the UK?

Yes, it delivers. GLS is one of the leading European distribution networks and operates in over 30 countries. It delivers to more than 200 destinations across Europe, providing a reliable service at affordable prices. With its own fleet of around 5000 vehicles, it can guarantee fast deliveries within set timeframes. GLS has about 15000 employees working for them in different locations in the UK alone! The company’s main office is located in Herlev – Denmark, with regional offices, also found in Germany and United Kingdom (London). 

GLS is a well-known delivery service for documents, parcels, and pallets that operates in Europe. If you are looking for the best price of delivering your parcel within UK borders - GLS offers the cheapest prices on international shipping from China to London! 

What options do I have for GLS parcel tracking?

GLS can provide you with several different options for parcel tracking, depending on what package or shipment is being tracked and how much information about the parcel needs to be known by the customers. The most common types are detailed below: 

  • Standard Parcel Tracking: This type of GLS parcel tracking is the most common and provides information about all stages of a shipment or package’s route (including pick up, transit time, delivery).
  • ECONOMY Pricing Package Tracking - Provides the customer with detailed information on where their order was picked from. It also includes what city it traveled to before being dropped off at its final destination. Customers are not provided with any details about when the package will be delivered beyond this point though. If they would like more specific information than this then they should use our standard tracking option instead.
  • ECONOMY Pricing Shipment Tracking - This type of tracking is similar to the standard option but also provides customers with a more detailed map that shows where their package was picked up from and what city it traveled to before being dropped off at its final destination.
  • Express, Next Day Delivery Track & Trace: If you are looking for GLS parcel tracking without compromising on speed then this is your best bet as it will provide you with information about when your shipment or order was picked up, transit time (if applicable) and estimated date of delivery.

When will I receive GLS parcel tracking updates?

While GLS parcels are sent from our warehouse, you will get a tracking number via email. Once the parcel has been delivered to your selected destination, you can check online updates to know more about its current location and delivery time. You may also find the `GLS-parcel` app on Google Play Store or AppStore for easy access to these services without registration (just tap installation). For any questions regarding this service please contact by email.

About GLS

GLS (General Logistics Systems) is a major European logistics company that was founded in 1970. They are known to be the first companies who created a private transport trucking network on an international scale. Nowadays, GLS has over 50 branch offices all around Europe and more than 40% of their employees are from different nationalities! 

The company has been awarded with the International Transport Excellence Award and Europe's Best Multinational Workplaces.

Their main services include: Express, standard and economy parcel service; furniture transport from IKEA; supply chain consulting to their clients (e.g., Lidl); road transportation of dangerous goods etc. GLS is one of the biggest private companies in Germany that provides freight forwarding services all around Europe through its European network located at strategic places on the map for fast delivery times! 

GLS was founded by Hermann Bachmaier and Kurt Sigrist in 1970 as a regional courier service. In the beginning it worked with small trucks that were only allowed to drive locally, so they had limited coverage area. 

When GLS joined forces with Dachser Kombinat (another German logistics company) in 1996, their services expanded across Europe over 400 locations! Since then, GLS has been providing fast delivery times for its clients all around European countries like Germany, Netherlands or Switzerland at an affordable price range. 

In 2010, Hermes acquired GLS and became the largest logistics group in Europe. With their joint forces they're able to offer transport services up to over 800 destinations all around the world! 

As of 2017, GLS also provides e-commerce solution for online retailers like Zalando or Douglas with a complete package consisting from storage (at one of their warehouses), picking, packaging and delivery through road transportation. This way it is possible for them to deliver parcels faster than any other courier service because they use trucks that are allowed on motorways across Europe without stopping at cities along the route - this helps save time as well as fuel costs. They can also guarantee better tracking possibilities compared to other private carriers which have only limited access to public roads.

GLS is also known for cooperating with other companies like IKEA, and transporting their furniture all across Europe in a cost-effective way through trucks so that people are able to get their products faster (from warehouse to home). Another example can be online retailers who have decided to outsource delivery of goods sold on their platforms - GLS has the capacity and networks needed!

GLS - Parcel tracking statuses

A encomenda foi entregue na ParcelShop (ver informação ParcelShop).
Le colis n´est pas encore remis à GLS.
The parcel could not be delivered as the reception was closed.
Volume entregue ao destinatário em ParcelShop.
Spedizione consegnata/lasciata all´indirizzo
The parcel could not be delivered as further address information is needed
The parcel has been returned to sender
Aangekomen op GLS depot
Das Paket wird voraussichtlich im Laufe des Tages zugestellt.
The parcel could not be delivered due to missing CashService/COD data.
The parcel is stored in the final parcel center to be delivered at a new delivery date
Le colis a été libéré par la douane.
Customs clearance is delayed due to incomplete documents
Spedizione creata, non ancora affidata a GLS
The parcel has been delivered / dropped off
The parcel could not be delivered due to traffic problems
The express parcel is in the delivery vehicle and will be delivered at the agreed time
The parcel was handed over to GLS.
The customs documents are being prepared
A encomenda foi entregue.
Das Paket konnte nicht zugestellt werden, da der Empfänger nicht angetroffen wurde.
The parcel could not be delivered because an access code is required for the door.
The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS
Das Expresspaket ist im Umschlagszentrum eingetroffen.
Das Paket befindet sich im Paketzentrum. Es kann nicht zugestellt werden, da weitere Adressinformationen benötigt werden.
La etiqueta de recogida ha sido impresa.
A encomenda não pode ser entregue visto que o destinatário encontrava-se ausente.
A encomenda foi entregue à GLS.
Le colis ne peut pas être livré. Un complément d´adresse est nécessaire. Vous pouvez compléter votre adresse et organiser une nouvelle livraison en cliquant sur \'Modifier les options de livraison\'.
Os dados da encomenda foram registados no sistema informßtico da GLS; A encomenda não foi ainda entregue à GLS.
Le colis ne peut pas être livré - bon de livraison manquant.
The parcel is stored in the parcel center to be delivered at a new delivery date
Das Expresspaket ist im Ziel-Zentrum eingetroffen.
In bewaring - opgeslagen
Recogido en el remitente.
The parcel is stored in the final parcel center. It could not be delivered due to traffic problems
El envío ha sido rechazado.
The parcel is stored in the final parcel center. It could not be delivered as the consignee has moved
Consegna non riuscita, destinatario assente
The parcel could not be delivered as the recipient refused acceptance
The parcel is stored in the final parcel center. It could not be delivered due to traffic problems.
The parcel has been delivered at the ParcelShop (see ParcelShop information)
Dati di spedizione cancellati
The parcel is stored in the final parcel center. It could not be delivered as the consignee refused acceptance.
The parcel has reached the ParcelShop
Le colis est en instance dans l´agence de livraison GLS. Il n´a pas pu être livré car un complément d´adresse est nécessaire.
É esperado que a encomenda seja entregue durante o dia.
Aangekomen op GLS depot - handmatige sortering
The parcel is stored in the final parcel center. It could not be delivered due to missing CashService data.
The parcel could not be delivered as a new delivery date has been agreed
The pickup request has been cancelled as there were no goods to be picked up.
The parcel could not be delivered as the consignee was absent
The parcel is stored in the parcel center. It cannot be delivered as further address information is needed.
The parcel is stored in the parcel center. It cannot be delivered as the goods are excluded from transport by GLS terms & conditions
Das Expresspaket hat das Umschlagszentrum verlassen.
The changed delivery option has been saved in the GLS system and will be implemented as requested
The parcel is stored in the parcel center. It cannot be delivered as the goods are excluded from transport by GLS terms & conditions.
The pickup request has been cancelled as there were no goods to be picked up
Die Paketdaten wurden im GLS IT-System erfasst; das Paket wurde noch nicht an GLS übergeben.
The parcel could not be delivered due to traffic problems.
The parcel pickup failed as there were no goods to be picked up.
A encomenda está armazenada no armazém final visto que não pode ser entregue devido à ausência do destinatário autorizado.
Le colis a été expédié, il est en cours d´acheminement.
Votre colis est remis à GLS.
The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS.
Le colis a été enlevé.
A encomenda não pode ser entregue visto que a receção encontrava-se encerrada.
A encomenda chegou ao armazém central.
The express parcel has reached the hub.
El envío no se pudo entregar, el destinatario estaba ausente.
Das Paket wurde zum Versender retourniert.
Customs clearance is delayed until the consignee´s approval is available
For the shipment a customs export notice was created
Le colis est en cours d´acheminement.
The parcel could not be delivered as the consignee has moved
Das Paket wurde durch GLS abgeholt.
The parcel has been loaded into the transport vehicle destined for the next GLS depot
Resa al mittente
Le colis n´a pas pu être livré car le destinataire a déménagé.
Customs clearance is delayed as the goods are excluded from transport by GLS terms & conditions.
Le colis ne peut pas être livré - destinataire absent. Muni de votre avis de passage, organisez une nouvelle livraison en cliquant sur \'Modifier les options de livraison\'.
Los documentos para el despacho aduanero se están preparando.
L\'enlèvement du colis est programmé par GLS
Das Paket konnte nicht zugestellt werden aufgrund von Verkehrsproblemen.
A encomenda foi devolvida ao remetente.
Das Paket wird bis zum vereinbarten Termin im Paketzentrum eingelagert.
El envío no se pudo entregar, se necesita información adicional de la dirección
La información del envío se introdujo en el sistema de GLS.
El paquete ha sido cargado en el vehículo de transporte por el cargador.
Envío almacenado en GLS.
L´étiquette de colis pour l´enlèvement a été produite.
El despacho de aduanas se retrasa hasta que la autorización de despacho está disponible .
The parcel is stored in the parcel center. It cannot be delivered as the consignee has moved
Das Paket wurde erfolgreich zugestellt.
Der Paketschein für die Abholung wurde erstellt.
Le colis est en cours de livraison.
The parcel could not be delivered as the recipient refused acceptance.
It is clarified whether the parcel cannot be delivered due to special circumstances (restricted access, receiving office closed or refusal to accept).
El paquete se ha recogido.
The parcel could not be picked up as the goods to be picked up were not packed
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