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Purolator tracking packages and shipments

Keep track of Purolator parcels and shipments with our free service! All you need to do to track your parcel, is to enter the tracking number, and then the service will keep track of your parcel’s location in real time.

How do I track my Purolator parcel with 100Parcels.com?

  1. Find out the tracking number of your parcel;
  2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the field at the top of the page;
  3. Wait until the service checks the parcel data, it will not take long;
  4. View the search results and share them with your friends via social networking;
  5. If you enter your email address, we can notify you automatically of changes to the status of your parcel.

Purolator - Tracking number format

  • ###00 *** *** *
  • ###01 *** *** *
  • 331 *** *** ***
  • 605 *** *** ***
  • 606 *** *** ***
  • JFV24 *** *** *
  • JGA14 *** *** *
  • VVD *** *** ***
  • WKF25 *** *** *

# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

What do I need to provide when I pick up my package from a Purolator?

When you pick up your package from Purolator, make sure to bring a government-issued identification with you. The driver will ask for it as proof that the person who is picking up the package is its rightful owner. If they are not able to provide this document, then you will receive information about how and where to have it mailed back. 

If you are picking up the package on behalf of someone else, then you will need to bring a signed letter from them authorizing this transaction. Note that an email printout is not enough; it must be written out by hand with signatures and dates visible. The driver still may make their own judgment call about whether or not they want to release the package in your custody, so having good communication skills can help clear things up quickly. If there were any special instructions attached (such as keeping a box intact until further notice), follow these carefully before leaving the depot.

How long will Purolator hold my shipment?

Purolator will hold your shipment for a maximum of 15 days. If the package isn’t picked up within that timeframe, it may be returned to the sender or re-routed to another destination. 

Does Purolator Postal service have same-day delivery?

No. Purolator postal service does not offer same-day delivery services on their domestic packages, however, they do attempt to deliver all first-class mail by the next business day and priority parcels are delivered within two days in most cases. Priority Next Day is available for an additional charge which guarantees that items will be delivered on the second or third business day following shipment. 

Does Purolator work on Saturdays or weekends?

Purolator does not work on weekends or holidays. The last collection is at noon on Friday, and the first collection on Monday morning starts before midnight. 

Purolator Quick Ship

Purolator Quick Ship is a feature that can be used to quickly ship a package. Unlike regular shipping, Quick Ship gives you an option to print prepaid labels. 

The “Quick Ship” label is printed out right at home with any computer printer when using our pre-paid FedEx Shipping Label. You just need your account number (which will also appear on all packages), date of shipment, a destination address, and the weight of each item being shipped 

For more information about how it works - check out Purolator's website.

Purolator Domestic

Purolator is a courier service that has been around for over 50 years. The company started in Canada and now operates as an international shipping carrier that delivers shipments domestically within Canada. Purolator Domestic offers many different types of deliveries, including overnight delivery, regular ground shipment, or home-to-home delivery (which includes the ability to schedule times). Unfortunately, it's also known for increasing prices during peak periods like the Christmas season or Boxing Day sales. This means you'll have to look out for a promo code if you want the best deal on your next purchase! 

Purolator Same Day Services

Purolator Same Day Services is a great way to get your items delivered quickly. Here's how it works:

  • Place a request for Purolator Same Day Services by 12 pm (noon);
  • Select the location you want delivery to, and make sure there is someone available at that address who can sign for the item(s). 

Purolator's courier will arrive with your package between 00 pm -:01 am. The actual time of arrival may vary depending on where the driver needs to pick up other packages along their route or if they face any unforeseen delays such as traffic congestion around major intersections during rush hour periods. If Purolator misses our appointed time window please contact customer service immediately so they can do what’s necessary to bring your shipment ASAP! 

Purolator Same Day® In-City

Purolator Same Day® In-City is an extremely convenient way to ship packages and parcels in select Canadian cities. It provides the fastest same-day service within city limits, reaching your recipients quickly on their doorsteps.

This option is available for in-city shipments only (cities listed below). For this reason, it's perfect if you have a customer that will be home when the delivery takes place or who lives near where they work so can pick up their package during lunch break. This saves them valuable time and makes receiving deliveries more efficient because there are fewer trips out of the office. The Purolator courier delivers between 12:00 pm - 11:59 am. If a recipient misses it, then our driver returns at the next designated appointment window starting from 12pm until late evening.

The price for this service starts at $17.50 and is based on the destination, its weight, and the size of the package or shipment. However, if you're using one of Purolator Express® services in combination with the Same Day In-City delivery (FedEx®, UPS®), then they'll waive our usual add-on charge ($20 per stop).

This option also includes insurance up to $100 free of charge as well as track & trace updates through the site. The entire process takes place online so all you have to do is go there, enter their code number - found on their tracking email notification - and they can start monitoring where their parcel is located from origin to final destination. 

Purolator Same Day® Next Flight Out™

Purolator Same Day® Next Flight Out™ shipments offer next-day delivery service by air for time-sensitive business deliveries. These shipments are given priority over standard ground and/or three-day services, which means they will depart the same day if possible or on a selected future flight to meet your shipping requirements. The guaranteed departure date is based on the availability of space in the Purolator aircraft schedule and other factors such as weather conditions at origin and destination points, customs clearance procedures, cargo size equipment type, etc., that may delay regularly scheduled flights to ensure an earlier arrival than usual.

Dispatched by close of business on the day before scheduled departure date, Monday through Friday only (excluding holidays). Please note that shipments are dispatched at this time excluding weekends and all Canadian statutory holidays except for New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Canada Day, Remembrance Day, and Christmas Day when services will run as usual. Shipments dispatched after cut-off may miss connections/departures from an origin point or destination point resulting in arrival beyond seven days following shipment dispatch date - including Saturday and Sunday if required for delivery within standard transit.

International Freight Forwarding

International Freight Forwarding is a process that is used to move products from one location to another. Products can be moved via land, air, or sea and they typically have an associated cost depending on the number of days it takes for a product to arrive at its destination.

International Freight Forwarding companies can ship internationally as well as domestically within their own country. Depending on where you're shipping your package too will determine who you hire. The first decision that needs to be made when going through this process is what mode of transportation do I need? Air freight forwarding uses planes to transport the goods quickly while ocean freight forwarders use ships because they take more time but provide greater space for larger shipments. If speed isn't then we would recommend using rail services.

Once you have decided on the mode of transportation, we will need to outline what kind of freight forwarding company do I need? Numerous international businesses offer this service. They can provide services such as customs clearance and warehousing which makes them an excellent option when shipping internationally because it simplifies the process significantly. Furthermore, if there is a problem with your shipment they may be able to help resolve any issues quickly since their network spans across multiple cities in many countries worldwide. When choosing who you want to use for International Freight Forwarding companies make sure that you hire one who has experience working with other companies like yours so that they're aware of how important time is while handling shipments. Although reliability and trustworthiness should always come first! After all, you don't want to risk your shipment not getting delivered when it's supposed to.

Purolator International

Purolator International is a Canada-based courier service that also operates in the many United States. It provides door-to-door, freight, and import services. The company has over 500 branches throughout the US and offers to track shipments at the site.

Purolator International was founded by Sylvanus Purolator in 1926 as a small speed-transportation business when he started transporting parcels for local stores in Toronto with his Indian motorbike named 'Jitney'. In 1929 the first truck fleet was created which expanded its operations outside of Toronto within ten years; it had become one of the largest transportation companies in North America. Today it is part of Federal Express Corporation after its acquisition back in 1992 but continues delivering under its own brand nationally along with international deliveries via FedEx.

Purolator International offers a large range of delivery options to suit different needs. It is not only limited to door-to-door service but also provides consolidation and deconsolidation, storage, and distribution services as well as special handling for its customers. The company's current CEO is Patrick Nangle who has been in the position since 2011 after serving various roles at Purolator including Director of Operations from 1994 to 2009 before heading FedEx Express Canada. He joined Federal Express Corporation back in 1990 where he served until 2006 when he became President & COO of Purolator Inc. In 2010 Mr. Nangle took over the role of Executive VP at Purolator Holdings Corp which includes all subsidiaries such as Carlin Transport Ltd, Canpar Courier Ltd, and Purolator Courier Ltd.

Purolator is one of the notable companies within Canada which offers a full range of logistics services. It operates over 500 branches nationwide and ships to every city in Canada via ground or air transportation. The company provides real-time tracking for shipments at the site. If you are looking to ship with USPS, DHL Express, FedEx, City Link the UK, or UPS then it would be beneficial to compare shipping rates from these couriers using our comparison form above as they all offer different prices depending on your order weight & dimensions; see how much each courier charges per parcel by entering its dimensions into the 'Calculate Shipping Cost' box next to your shopping cart when logged in (standard home delivery excludes oversized items).

Cross-Border Courier

Cross-Border Courier is available for Canadian customers only. This service provides air and ground transportation of parcels to the United States from Canada, which is similar to UPS's My Choice services.

Purolator LTL freight shipments

Purolator LTL freight shipments is a term used for a type of shipment that is neither less than truckload (LTL) nor full truckload. It can be described as “the exact combination and quantity of freight that will fit onto the back of your flatbed trailer”, which makes it quite challenging to ship with this mode.

Shipments are usually made up of cargo from various shippers and consignees because Purolator doesn't own trucks or warehouses but acts only as an agent in delivering shipments between transfer points. 

Does Purolator leave package at door?

Purolator delivery drivers will leave packages at the door if no one is home to receive them. If they cannot find a safe place for your package, or feel it’s unsafe to do so, then Purolator may deliver the shipment back to their depot and hold onto it until you make contact with them. If this happens, it is best to recommend that you call Purolator's customer service line.

What happens if you are not home when Purolator delivers?

Purolator drivers can leave your package at the door or in a safe place like on a porch. If they can't do that, they will try to deliver again but this time with someone who has an access card and ID. You should receive notification about their attempt within 12 hours of delivering your shipment.

About Purolator

Purolator Inc. is a Canadian carrier that is 91% owned by Canada Post, 7% owned by Rainmaker Investments Ltd. and 2% by others.

The company was initially organized as Trans Canada Couriers, Ltd. In 1967, it was gotten by the US producer of oil and air filters Purolator of Fayetteville, North Carolina (founded as Motor Improvements Incorporated in 1923) - the name was initially an abbreviated form of "pure oil later". In 1987, the company returned to Canadian ownership. Although it kept the Purolator name, it has actually because had no connection with the oil filter company.

Purolator has actually partnered with UPS for deliveries beyond Canada.

Cargojet operates Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 aircraft for Purolator.

In 2003, the Purolator Tackle Hunger initiative was produced by business employees to attend to food insecurity and has considering that delivered over 18 million meals to food banks throughout Canada. Purolator has actually likewise refurbished and contributed 20 curbside delivery lorries to Canadian food banks and food organizations as part of the Purolator Tackle Hunger initiative. The Canadian Football League is a partner in the Purolator Tackle Hunger initiative and raises awareness through Game Day Drives. Yearly, during the very first week of June, the Purolator Tackle Hunger Week is held to raise awareness of food insecurity and gather contributions.

On September 24, 2007, Purolator Inc. presented the Unicell Quicksider, a prototype full-electric vehicle, light-weight metropolitan shipment vehicle, developed by a consortium led by Toronto-based Unicell Limited in partnership with ArvinMeritor, Battery Engineering and Test Services Inc.; Bodycote Material Testing; Electrovaya Inc.; PMG Technologies Inc.; Purolator Courier Ltd.; Southwestern Energy; and the Transportation Development Centre of Transport Canada.

The following is a list of Purolator Courier Services: 

  • Basic courier service (not guaranteed next day);
  • Guaranteed overnight delivery with pick-up at the depot or business location for shipments under 30 lbs. Delivery time varies by region but typically takes between one and three days from dispatch. Shipment must be picked up before noon local time on the customer’s preferred date;
  • Rush delivery options - same day or within two hours – available in select areas only;
  • Expedited shipping that includes more detailed tracking information than standard Purolator shipments;
  • Transit time guarantee for business-to-business shipping options - guaranteed before noon or after pm local time on customer’s preferred date; 
  • Tracking and tracing on all shipments;
  • Express delivery from depot to destination for shipments over 30 lbs.

Purolator - Parcel tracking statuses

Shipment delivered to
Arrived at export facility
Shipping label created with reference(s): 70131101, 8078147759, 92674305, 92674305 SAP #:
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPWAA000001082671411
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2207250948854
Shipping label created with reference(s) LPILA000000714042865
Address correction required - resolution in progress
Picked up by Purolator at WINDSOR ON
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPKEN000000844978332
Unable to deliver - street number not found
Shipping label created with reference(s): 385651383, ITEM#:35-200-121 X 1, USER:ha00 36 DN00080
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2205020796422
Shipment in transit
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPILA000000764429202
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPKEN000001086782952
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2207211682316
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPKEN000001043473190
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2207240698657
Shipment delivered at FRONT DOOR
Picked up by Purolator at LONDON ON
Corrective action - currently in transit
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPKEN000000794234686
Picked up by Purolator at LANGLEY BC
Shipping label created with reference(s): 20220429827632
Awaiting payment authorization
Picked up by Purolator
Shipment dropped off at Quick Stop Agent
Delayed in transit due to road / highway closure
Shipping label created with reference(s): 232986449, 944
Shipment delivered to MARC at: FRONT DOOR
Shipping label created with reference(s): 5L-G, Travel Trailer 27\' To 30\', Travel Trailer 27\' To 30\'
Shipping label created
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2207291653215
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2207050940740
Arrived at sort facility
Picked up by Purolator at SURREY BC
Departed sort facility
Delayed due to current pandemic disruption
Available for pickup for 5 business days from arrival date at the counter.
On vehicle for delivery
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2207160731471
Picked up by Purolator at GATINEAU QC
Transferred to Canada Post for delivery
Weather delay - service will resume, weather permitting
Shipping label created with reference(s): 999629305, CRWMMH3, FG3P0002795257, PLAN.1114438128-1
Picked up by Purolator at BRAMPTON ON
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2207081023139
Shipment delivered to DHALIWAL at: FRONT DOOR
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2207261759005
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPKEN000000861946550
Shipping label created with reference(s): 2662982
Cleared customs
Shipping label created with reference(s): BG2207190261452
Shipping label created with reference(s): 4304294444, 82541600, 82541600, 82541600, 82541600
Arrived at international gateway for export processing
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPKEN000000767445707
Shipping label created with reference(s): 03H08M, ST5206418
Shipment available for pickup.
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPNJA000000753774503
Shipping label created with reference(s): LPKEN000000758403483
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