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Singapore Post tracking packages and shipments

Keep track of Singapore Post parcels and shipments with our free service! All you need to do to track your parcel, is to enter the tracking number, and then the service will keep track of your parcel’s location in real time.

How do I track my Singapore Post parcel with

  1. Find out the tracking number of your parcel;
  2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the field at the top of the page;
  3. Wait until the service checks the parcel data, it will not take long;
  4. View the search results and share them with your friends via social networking;
  5. If you enter your email address, we can notify you automatically of changes to the status of your parcel.

Singapore Post - Tracking number format

  • A# *** *** *** SG
  • C# *** *** *** SG
  • D# *** *** *** SG
  • E# *** *** *** SG
  • L# *** *** *** SG
  • P# *** *** *** SG
  • Q# *** *** *** SG
  • R# *** *** *** SG
  • S# *** *** *** SG
  • U# *** *** *** SG
  • V# *** *** *** SG
  • MK *** *** ** XSG
  • MP *** *** ** XSG
  • MS *** *** ** XSG
  • CJ *** *** *** **
  • XC *** *** *** **
  • XR *** *** *** **
  • XZ *** *** *** **
  • 301197 *** ***
  • 302102 *** ***
  • CNSGS00 *** *** **

# - letter; * - digit; ! - letter or digit

Track Singapore Post in USA, UK, or Australia

The process of tracking Singapore Post in the USA, UK, or Australia is simple. Simply head over to the website SingPost and log in using your email address and password. You should then be taken to the shipping information page where all details pertaining to your shipment will be displayed such as:

  • Name Of Shipper - The name of shipper from which a package was shipped out from;
  • Item Name/Number - Product name that needs to be tracked;
  • Consignee Address - Full address of consignee who's getting this item delivered.

Once you have located these pieces of information about each individual shipment belonging to one particular product being sent by Singapore Post, simply click on the Track button and you will be taken to a page where details about that specific item will be displayed on your screen. This includes:

  • The current location of your shipment;
  • Estimated delivery date.

And other important information about this package such as: 

  • Date Of Shipping - Date when the package was shipped out from Singapore Post;
  • Shipment Reference Number/IATA Code - Unique reference number assigned by SingPost for each product sent through their courier service.

Track Singapore Post in Canada Today

Singapore Express deals with parcels going all over the world every day - you can find out its estimated delivery date when your item is on route using this service! You'll never have to wonder if an item was lost or delivered late ever again by simply tracking online via website interface at any time of the day or night, wherever you are.

Log on to Singapore Post, either through your mobile device or via the website interface. Click "Canada Today" in the drop-down menu that appears beneath the search box which is located directly below it then click on an item called "Singapore Express". Enter the tracking number from the slip into the next space provided; you can find this information by checking the contents of any parcels you've shipped since using this company - a list will appear with date, time, etc for each entry listed under "Shipped items", simply copy-paste relevant details onto the appropriate section in the online form. Details should include the name of the receiver if different than yourself, shipping address including postal code as well as telephone numbers (mobile/home). You'll also need to enter the contents of the parcel, dimensions, and weight. Click on "Track Now" that appears at the bottom right corner of the page after this information has been entered; a list with all tracking details will then appear including the date and time when the package was collected from Singapore Post.

Note: updates may take up to 24 hours before they're available online when using this service so don't panic if no changes are immediate - remember that patience is a virtue.

Difference between China Post and Singapore Post

In China, there are two main postal services that you can use to track your parcels. The first one is China Post and the second one is Singapore Post. They both offer similar features but also have differences:

  • Both of them can track packages and shipments from all over the world; 
  • The website interface looks almost identical for each service, however, they differ in tracking number system (they do not start with “RZ”); 
  • There is no real-time tracking with China Post but there is always an option to track the package by yourself; 
  • Singapore post offers one of the best services for live parcel tracking, however, it only provides information about delivery status, not the actual location.

Both Singapore and China have their own regulations when it comes to parcels from overseas so sometimes you might be surprised that your shipment took a lot longer than expected even though all necessary documents were included in the package (for example invoices or certificates). It’s important to mention here that China Post is usually better at delivering packages on time while Singapore Post might take up more days before they can deliver your order. So if you are trying to get your goods on time, we recommend choosing China Post instead.

In the end, it depends on what you are trying to achieve with your shipment and where is your main target audience located. If they live in China or Singapore then both services will do just fine but if not, maybe choose one of them based on these differences: 

  • If you want a more reliable service that can be tracked by real people all over the world - go for Singapore Post;
  • If you need something quick (and most likely cheaper) - use China Post service instead. 

How long will Singapore Post take to deliver my package?

It will take up to two working days for a package to be delivered in Singapore and three weeks or longer outside of Singapore. Some countries however are more efficient than others when it comes to overseas deliveries with shorter delivery timeframes being available if you select an express courier service such as DHL Express Worldwide shipping which takes only between four and five business days. 

Is Singapore Post a reliable parcel service?

Although the Singapore Post is a reliable service, some people have had problems tracking their packages. There are many people who have had the same experience as you. They complain that they do not receive any notifications about their parcels or when it is going to get delivered. There are many reasons why you could be having problems with your packages and shipments, so we will go through some of these below:

  • The package has been sent abroad; 
  • Your address was wrong during shipment; 
  • You just missed out on a delivery notification email/text message.

About Singapore Post

Singapore Post is a postal service and courier company based in Singapore. The company was founded on July 18, 1858, as the Straits Settlements Postal Service by Sir Stamford Raffles, who also founded modern-day Singapore.

The first post office in Singapore opened at old Commercial Square (today's Raffles Place) near Boat Quay on April 14, 1819, where letters were accepted for local delivery or forwarding to Calcutta via India. 

This service ceased after September 15 that year due to a lack of demand. On May 17, 1850 mail deliveries began with eight routes originating from Malacca through Penang Island, Province Wellesley (now Seberang Perai), Kedah, Province Wellesley, and the island of Labuan (now part of Sabah). By 1867 it had already grown to 215 postal workers who handled around 110,000 letters and packages in a year.

By 1930 Singapore's first post office building was constructed on Stamford Road at North Bridge Road; this is now known as Clifford Pier where mail from Europe used to be dropped before being transported by train across Southeast Asia to reach its destination via ocean-going vessels. The old General Post Office Building along Raffles Place built-in 1926 still stands today with an addition built alongside after 1965. 

In 1987, SingPost moved its headquarters into a new complex which has since been declared a national monument for its architectural design incorporating a series of high-tech systems such as an underground pneumatic tube network to transport mail within the building and its own power plant. Today it has over 17,000 employees serving a million regular customers handling three billion letters and packages each year.

Singapore Post provides postal services such as:

  • mail collection/delivery, registration of international shipments, issuing customs documentation for imports from abroad via airmail or sea cargo; 
  • domestic shipping and packaging through registered post office agents; 
  • sales of stamps and other philatelic products at its own stores (Main Office Store & Suburban Stores) and selected Katong Parcel counters within Changi Airport Terminals One & Three. 

It is an authorized agent to process passport applications for local citizens applying overseas or traveling domestically upon payment of fees. And the provision of retail services such as the sale of telephone cards, travel products, and other postal merchandise.

Singapore Post - Parcel tracking statuses

Arrival at Destination Post (Country: CO)
Receive item at collection point for pick-up (Country: KZ)
Despatched to overseas (Country code: LV)
Product Delivered (Country code: IN)
USPS in possession of item
Departure From Outward OE
Despatched to overseas (Country code - MT)
Departure from inward OE Adpis : 000144
Destination Customs Inspection in Progress
Dispatch item to destination country
Item Received at Post Office (ORCHARD POST OFFICE)
Despatched to overseas (Country code: KZ)
Notification of shipment confirmation
2021 at 10:25 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
Shipment confirmation
Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)
Simplified single
Receive item at origin country gateway
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: MA)
Departed USPS Regional Facility
Arrive at local delivery office
Despatched to overseas (Country code IT)
Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: LV)
Item Bagged to St.Thomas Mount H.O
Received by line-haul
Departure from inward OE Adpis : 000929
Item Received at Post Office (TOWNER POST OFFICE)
Delivered to Destination Post
Shipping enters to destination country
Attempted/Failed Delivery (Country code RU)
Product Delivered (Country code: MY)
Item Received at Post Office (SEMBAWANG POST OFFICE)
Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: HU)
Export customs clearance
International reception by Chilean post
Handed over to the carrier for transportation
Despatched to overseas (Country code: CR)
Unsuccessful delivery
Dispatched to Chilean Post Office
Departed USPS Facility
Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: IN)
Send item out for physical delivery (Country: SA)
Send item out of sorting centre (Country: KZ)
Votre envoi est arrivé dans le pays du destinataire.
Departure from inward OE Adpis : 000836
Held by Custom
de Unidade Operacional em SAO PAULO / SP para Unidade em CINGAPURA
Item arrived at provincial office
Despatched to overseas (Country code: IS)
Hold item at office of exchange (Country: BY)
pending GST and/or Duty/Control Authority approval.
Receive item at sorting centre (Country: IN)
Item at Destination Sorting Facility
Arrival at delivery office
Arrival at transit office of exchange
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: IN)
Shipment arrived at destination country
Item outbound in sorting center
Despatched to overseas (Country code TT)
Arrival at Destination Post (Country US)
2021 at 8:14 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
Product Delivered (Country code: IL)
Item delivered to doorstep
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: KZ)
Item will be dispatched once transportation is available.
The instruction data for this shipment have been provided by the sender to DHL electronically
Sent to Guangzhou, Guangdong sorting center
Further processing in progress (PASIR RIS CENTRAL POST OFFICE)
Mail arrived
Arrive at destination country
2021 at 8:11 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
Dispatched to the CorreoChile office
The item is pre-advised to PostNL
Item Received at Post Office (WOODLANDS POST OFFICE)
Attempted/Failed Delivery (Country code: PE)
Dispatch from outward office of exchange
The item is at the PostNL sorting center
Acceptance for Processing
Arrival at Destination Post (Country - ZA)
Receive item at delivery office (Country: TR)
Item Received at Post Office (BUKIT PANJANG POST OFFICE)
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: BN)
Out for delivery.
Sent to Guangzhou, Guangdong international sorting center
2021 at 8:58 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
Further processing in progress (BUKIT TIMAH POST OFFICE)
Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: NG)
Released from customs
Despatched to overseas (Country code: RE)
Arrived at USPS Facility
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